Shortpedia – Launched a new feature for listening to daily news

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Today we cannot miss our daily news for many reasons. If you cannot survive a single day without daily news but tired of reading them on a daily basis, then Shortpedia is the best possible solution for you. This one is an excellent app that offers multiple interesting short news stories along with a superior listen feature. If you don’t have time to read content, you can simply press the listen button and catch up with everything that is happening around the world.

Why people like this app

People love this app because of its outstanding features. You can now read according to your mood and comfortability. The best part is you can now even add your favourite quotes by using “news you can use” button. In short, these super cool features prove to be handy for each user.

Who will not love to listen to great content daily? Audiences love their experiment of engaging more users on this platform. This is basically a solution-oriented app. If we are talking about Shortpedia, how can we forget its AI? First of all, it will help you to understand the consumption of the content. Second, advertising helps to engage more audiences without any hassle.

The most relevant news of multiple domains

You will be amazed to know that this brilliant platform offers news from different sectors, including marketing, IT, advertising, brand management, and so on. Its official website is available in both Hindi and English language. So this platform is for everyone. Along with that, this superior app works smoothly on both IOS and Android phones.

So you can easily install this app to get fresh and exceptional content with educational and positive storytelling method. Listen feature is considered to be a great invention that comes with every piece of news available in this app. So, next time if you are bored, don’t forget to visit Shortpedia once.

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