About Us

India’s youth is setting up startups in order to gain profits. Good strategies and sound business plans turn these ideas into opportunities. Proper maintenance and care allows the seeds to bloom.

But no new business is successful if no risks are taken. Taking risks would leave you with no regrets when you’ll be sitting in your armchair at the age of sixty. You would be either content if you achieve success or optimist that you learned from your failure. In both cases, you would be satisfied that you took that chance to make your dream come true. Executing new ideas is innovation. Risk takers become winners.

Startup Urban is a platform that shares the success stories of entrepreneurs to boost entrepreneurship and encourage startups. We know that every success story has similar ups and downs, yet it is important to narrate each one of them because we believe that every tale has a different element that has the capability to touch your hearts. There are many roads to the same destination but each road has different obstacles and detours. Share your journey with us. Let the beginners learn from your mistakes. Celebrate your achievements in a meaningful and empowering way. Become an inspiration and motivation for others. Tell your story to encourage someone to increase his determination to succeed. Help more like-minded people to duplicate your victory.

If you want to share the story of your voyage with the world, write us at editor@startupurban.com.