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Follow these guest posting guidelines for your benefit

To spread happiness, positivity, and entertainment, we offer daily information and stories through guest posting. Startup Urban has worked hard and provided a platform for bloggers (guests) to receive your support and love. The contents will be discovered by the majority of people visiting Startup Urban. The material on Startup Urban can reach a considerable number of people and improve the ranking of searches as well. 

The guest posting benefits on Startup Urban

There are a lot of benefits that you will get to know here about Startup Urban. 

  1. Helps in getting some readymade audience

Startup Urban is preferred by a lot of people, especially by those who love to read new and exciting content. You can keep yourself at the top list and create the right image by posting beautiful and useful content for them.

  • Become a professional in this subject 

If you write engaging and creative content about the issue, then you can get acknowledgment as a professional. You can also be able to create credibility for yourself, and you can also get the motivation of writing or producing new content. 

  • Receive qualified traffic

It is recommended to have a site or blog which reveals a specific subject. If you post massive and widespread content on Startup Urban, audiences out there will be willing to check your website at a regular interval. 

  • Helps in improving the research ranking

If you post superior-quality content on Startup Urban, then the chances of preferring and reading those posts will be increased severally. Hence this will benefit in increasing the rankings of search engines. 

  • Benefits in increasing the reach

All the users of Startup Urban receive a newsletter consisting of positive stories that are published every week. Hence the one who is posting content on the Startup Urban should know that if it offers an excellent level of writing, then their stories will also be put in the newsletter.

Guidelines or tips helping you to chalk down guest posts

Apart from all the mentioned benefits of Startup Urban, there are also some guidelines to be provided. These guidelines will act as a support system for the ones who post on Startup Urban. These guidelines will also help writers to correct the stories before publishing.

1. Try to create content which is not promotional

Blowing one’s own trumpet should be prohibited; especially someone is writing content and posting them on this platform. This is one of the essential things which must be kept in mind. Visitors of the page can even leave the page without thoroughly reading the article if it consists of promotional content. Keep in mind that we have to prioritize the precious time of the readers.

Their time should not be wasted by providing them with readymade promotional stuff. It is recommended to utilize the platform in such a way that people get the proper education. Write content in such a way that the readers can clarify their doubts through the content provided. 

2. Try using inbound links

The Startup Urban also understands the need for writers for posting through this platform. The Startup Urban also recognizes the reasons behind posting content with these inbound links. The company is even fine with the provision of a link on the bio of the author.

3. Stop posting articles of low quality

Editor’s choice is particular as they tend to pick up those articles and blogs which are of high quality and level. Try to post the articles for getting selected and not just for posting. Try to produce heavy content with an excellent subject.

4. While writing keep in mind the Audience

You are not writing the articles for yourself or any particular person. You are posting them for public or audiences, isn’t it? It is suggested to think of them a bit while writing the article. So keep in mind that it must be intriguing so that people feel like reading it. In short, they will not get bored. 

5. Try to write positive articles only

Startup Urban takes this under consideration that no negative articles should be posted. This is because Startup Urban published this site and prepared this platform intending to inspire people and motivate them to encourage others. The articles which you post should promote education. Take into consideration two pieces where one deals with the negative aspect and the other one with a positive perspective. The second article, or the one which deals with a real issue, should be posted. 

Few examples and topics

This platform basically deals with posts related to individuals and start-ups who are involved in some other works. These do not depict that no one can post articles based on a specific topic. Some examples may include:

  • Get More Customers With These 4 Types Of Content Marketing
  • How to Build Your Instagram Content
  • Success Tips To Grow Your Online Business
  • Increasing productivity in the workplace.

Process of submitting articles

You can simply mail your articles on our official mail ID([email protected]). Don’t forget to write “Guest post” in the subject line. Apart from that, you have to include the content as well as the title of your article. Additionally, you can add multiple royalty-free images to make your article attractive from the reader’s point of view.

Things to include in the email:

  1. Article Title
  2. Article content
  3. Article images (please make sure that you have the rights to the images or use free services like or