A pioneer of Holiday Taxi and a leading travel company NE Taxi ventures into e-commerce startup to help fellow businessmen, traders and artisans


North-East’s pioneering Travel and Holiday Taxi company is making inroads into the e-commerce business. The venture is aimed at aiding cottage industries affected by the current pandemic.

The major effect of the current pandemic is the widespread lockdowns initiated by all governments, including India. This has been hardest on the small businesses and cottage industries which have been struggling to survive because of lack of opportunities and platform to sell their goods. With the help of NE Origins, the company hopes to help as many families as they can.

The vision behind NE Origins

NE Origins aims at providing a revolutionary platform to gather small businesses to form a marketplace. There are many established brands catering to local needs that are struggling because of the lack of a platform to market and sell their goods. NE Origins have pledged to improve the circumstances of such brands and companies and provide them with a fighting chance.

The need for NE Origins

COVID-19 has come as a catastrophe for not only humankind but also for small businesses all across the globe. NE Taxi, the parent company of NE Origins, has been a transit service provider in North East India, which was also hit hard. The company was in crisis and on the verge of letting go of its employees.

Rather than giving in to the devastating circumstances, the company’s brains came up with the idea of converting this crisis into opportunity. With NE Origins, the company has been not only able to save the jobs for its employees and survive in the market but also helped many other businesses on the verge of shut down.

NE origins have brought together artisans, cottage industry, farmers, Self-help groups, and entrepreneurs under one platform. NE Origins has become the house to all those who are in need of a platform to sell their products.

NE Origins hosts some of the finest handicrafts specially crafted in North East India. These products are durable and trendy and are available for buyers all over the world. Every product on the website is handpicked and depicts exquisite craftsmanship.

The website is launched on 17th July 2020, offering many deals and discounts of 10% on all their products. This website is run by people of North-East India for the sellers from North-East India servicing the entire world. It is worth mentioning, the registration for all the sellers listing their products on the website is free of cost.

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