What to expect in the upcoming Grand Garage Sale on Myntra


Myntra, one of the largest online shopping platforms seems to be well prepared and planned in advance for the upcoming Grand Garage Sale!!!

The nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 affected the economy in almost all the sectors. Myntra, however, took its time and as always proved that a good strategy could help boost up the worst scenarios to a profitable one. Realising the lockdown travel restrictions, Myntra utilized the best of its capabilities understanding the customer’s online shopping needs in all areas. Strategically, they expanded their footprints in many new geographical areas adding 4000 new pin codes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. How interesting could that be amidst the pendamic!

Myntra’s End of Reasons Sale from June 19 to June 22 sets as an example proving their sales of 10 million products in just 4 days along with lakhs of new customer registrations.

Grand Garage Sale on Myntra 50 to 70% off| 30th July 2020 to 31st July 2020

Myntra is a great fashion e-commerce platform for people of all age group and gender. It is all set for it’s one of the biggest sales of the year- Grand Garage Sale, offering the customers with an awesome 50 to 70% discount from 30th July 2020 to 31st July 2020 on almost all of its major brands. Myntra is once again ready to please their loyal customers with a good discount on most of our favorite brands. They offer amazing discounts on fashion products and accessories across various categories. They have a wide collection of products through their high end partner brands. These huge discounts on our favorite brands are what we all need.

Amidst this ongoing pandemic and lockdown, online shopping seems to be therapeutic amongst the youngsters working from home.  Myntra has a wide range of work from home essentials and fashion essentials, and discounts on those products is what we need right now. Fashion online shopping is not only limited to the urban areas but also there is a spike in the customers from the rural areas too. Shopping trends from both urban and rural area had shown a growing preference on international brands and trendy outfits. Also, there is higher demand on casual wear, women’s kurti, men’s casual and personal care.

What to expect?

It is not just Myntra all set and ready for the upcoming sale but the customers too have shown eagerness waiting for the upcoming sale. Customers are all ready to get their favorite brands in huge discounted prices. Myntra’s priority in following the government’s lockdown rules and regulations as well as the Standard Operating Procedures in handling and delivering their goods, wins the customer’s hearts. Myntra’s assurance on ensuring safety during Covid-19, paves way for stress-free and safe shopping experience for the customers.

In this tensed pandemic scenario, Myntra brings back joy and colors in our world, and a sale is like an icing on the cake. Grand Garage Sale brings in a lot of excitement and interest amongst the customers who are restricted to their home itself due to Covid-19. Grab the most of your clothing and fashion requirements at Myntra’s Grand Garage Sale on 30th and 31st July!!!

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