How Harvee Designs has revamped the healthcare and digital marketing domain


Cut back to the late 2000s, the Internet took over the digital marketing world by storm. We beheld a never-ending list of startups and tech companies jumping on the bandwagon of starting a ‘run-of-the-mill’ e-commerce and other product-based digital marketing companies across the globe.

Just when the number of digital marketing agencies hit the saturation mark, Harvee Designs was breaking ground by venturing into a lesser-explored terrain, the healthcare market.

It all started way back in the mid of 2010 when Harish(the founder of Harvee Designs) moved back to India after pursuing his masters in the UK. Lesser did he know that a relentless search for the best dentist near him would eventually land him in the driver’s seat of revolutionizing the way healthcare and digital marketing were working hand-to-hand.

He was looking up online for the best dental clinic in Chennai to get his routine oral care done. Much to his dismay, he realized there were only a few handfuls of dental clinics capitalizing on the internet domain, meaning a forgettable relationship between the clinics and its patients.

Ever since the inevitable struggle to find the right clinic, he was toying around with the idea of securing a decent connection between the doctors and patients effectively through the power of digital marketing. His interest in the healthcare sector became bone-deep and it started sliding towards looking much deeper into the medical space where he analyzed the websites of the hospitals and looked over the content posted. The websites were often stuffed with medical terms that were hard for a common man to comprehend.

This ignited his vision to institute Harvee designs in 2012 in Chennai, with the help of his friends after he pitched his business proposal. Harvee Designs’ first goal was to optimize the website with category pages and content that resonate better with the patients. Eliminating complicated medical terms and replacing them with simple words, the sites were optimized and they turned out to be more user friendly adding to the extra dwell time and also adding value for the end-user experience.

Right now Harvee has helped over 500+ clinics, hospitals, and doctors in over 5+ countries to grow exponentially well and also lay out the perfect bridge between themselves and the patients. Upon the client’s requirements, they also designed and developed an exclusive user-friendly social platform called the Medcyn, where doctors can directly connect with the patients. Not only does it makes the appointments seamless, but it also helps them to send appointment reminders, and healthcare reminders to patients via SMS, Whatsapp, and mail efficiently.

Following the success of Medcyn, Harvee decided to raise the bar higher by launching an exclusive educational platform, InformDoc where doctors across the globe can enroll themselves in continuous medical education and keep them updated with the latest medical advancements in Healthcare. This not only equipped doctors with the highest level of knowledge but has also helped them treat their patients better with the amount of international medical standards they were exposed to.

With relentless effort and unequaled dedication, Harvee Designs is one of the best leading Healthcare digital marketing agency in India. It is now an official Google Partner scaling even greater heights with ROI, social media impressions, and more. What started as a 2 member team now has over 50+ passionate employees operating from its headquarters in Chennai with its corporate office comfortably seated at Coimbatore respectively.

Now with the cash registers ringing for his clients, Harish has already eyed the global market. Harvee Designs has embarked on its next journey of penetrating the international markets to bring about a change in the way the healthcare industry has been seen. His vision will also ensure that the bridge between doctors and patients will be fortified better to make the communications a hassle-free experience.

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