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Okinawa Electric Scooters Make Technology and Nature Work Together


Does the deteriorating air quality of the metropolitan cities concern you? Does the depleting ozone layer and increasing global warming affect you? Does the noise of the traffic on roads deafen your ears? Okinawa, with its electric scooters, is trying to do its bit for Mother Earth by giving a solution to pollution.


Okinawa electric scooter in india are a new generation of technology which is not the only eco- friendly but uniquely styled to give you a feeling of luxury and immense comfort. With digital speedometers, tubeless tyres and stylish headlamps, these battery-operated two-wheelers guarantee fast charging, high speed and high mileage. These electric scooters give the customers a royal feeling due to their balanced styling and sleek bodies.


The fast developing India needs a vehicle that can match the pace as it makes every ride memorable and sustainable. Okinawa electric scooters have brought a revolutionary change in the two-wheeler automobile domain. These battery scooters are economical. They are cheap to buy. The customer doesn’t have to empty his wallet on the harmful fuels every other day; these scooters run on the battery with reduced charging time. The maintenance cost is also low as they don’t need any engine oil or lubricants to perform their best. No license and no registration are required which makes the rides easier. The cost-effective vehicle does not only give enhanced safety but also a long distance range. Good customer care service is an added benefit. Zero emissions and no noise pollution give these electric scooters brownie points. An application for customer centricity and best service will be launched in future. This quality innovation had decreased efforts and increased the enjoyable moments in the lives of customers. These scooters are sure to maximise the joy of customers.


Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd., established by Jeetender Sharma and Rupali Sharma in 2015, aims to work on a socially responsible platform and make electric scooters which will drive our today towards a sustainable tomorrow. The company sees itself as a legend of the Green Transportation Industry. It believes in building a better, cleaner and greener future for the next generations and thus, these electric scooters ensure that Science & Technology and Mother Nature work together hand in hand. A smooth ride on these two-wheelers paves a path to a pollution- free environment for our children. Okinawa has given the world its fastest, smartest, eco- friendly and most economical electric scooters. The brand is setting a benchmark for the whole two-wheeler category vehicles by satisfying its customers.


Okinawa’s headquarters is located in Gurugram while the manufacturing facility is located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The engineers make sure that the electric scooters go through tougher quality tests than they face on the road to ensure durability and reliability of the vehicle. They see to it that the customers get a complete package of quality, affordability, eco-friendliness, comfort, and style without any compromises. Working for the welfare of customers, employees, dealers, and manufacturers, the company believes in hard work, learning, truth, honesty, and teamwork.


The rule of the world is ‘Give and Take’. Till now, humans have only taken from nature and not cared about the environment. It is high time that humans pay back their dues. Okinawa gives its customers a chance to shower some love on Mother Nature. It nourishes a lifestyle that is not just rich from the outside but also has deep-rooted values within it, a lifestyle that gives back to nature. Okinawa electric scooters in india let people ride with the utmost satisfaction and enjoy their journeys with a healthy lifestyle.

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