Two Entrepreneurs set out to help Job Seekers during COVID-19


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Founders – Suyash Jain & Rajat Agarwal

The Indian economy is expecting to have a negative GDP growth this year. It is essential to note that this hasn’t happened in years. Many market guru are speculating depression in the coming year as the hope of things getting restored to normal is bleak. 

Amidst all the news of lay-offs and mass firing, which keeps everybody under constant fear, certain companies are still looking to hire employees. The majority of these companies belong to E-commerce, Pharma, Food chains, Digital Education, and the gaming sector.

Trying to contribute to the economy and helping people in these desperate and stressful times, many students and professionals try to devise ways to help job and internship seekers. While many of us are looking for hope to survive through these difficult times, some are trying to create opportunities out of challenges.

It is quite heart-warming to see people stepping forward to help one another. One example of people’s compassion is this initiative called by Mr. Suyash Jain & Rajat Agarwal. As they like to call themselves, these IndianPreneurs have set on a journey to help people without any monetary agenda.

Beginning of a journey

Distressed by daily news of thousands of employees being laid off and cancelled job offers, Suyash and Rajat knew that something had to be done. Rather than waiting for a miracle to happen, they decided to collaborate their efforts. They agreed on a Marketplace Model to bring a perfect equilibrium to the demand and supply of job seekers in the economy.

The journey

The first step that Suyash took was to create a database of the job seekers by rolling out a Google form titled ‘Register yourself for Job Opportunities’ asking necessary details like contact details, employment history, last drawn salary, etc. He posted this form in a Facebook group. 

The form showed unexpected results with over 100 registration in the first 24 hours.

Mr. Suyash mentions that he tried contacting some of the HR’s and Sales Head, who was looking for a field force. After a few days, the placement agencies and job portals. While they had some opportunities, the opportunities were scarce and random, seldom meeting the requirements. And the rest of the story as they say it is history.

The current status of the COVID-19 Jobs forum

With over 8000 registrations in a month, this database of active job seekers is increasing. These two IndiaPrenuers are talking to many HR executives with available job opportunities, with 40 to 50 of them being very active in the forum. They are also actively tracking the activities of those who are involved in this endeavour. 

What lies in the future?

Both of these young entrepreneurs cum social workers want to take this initiative to a larger scale without any monetary objective. Their principal aim is to make the job seekers aware of the job opportunities available in the market amidst all the chaos.

Beyond this, they are taking all the possible actions that the data of the candidates remain secured. They share the contact details only after confirming that the HR in question is hiring. Mr. Suyash quotes,’This is probably the first time a community of HR’s is coming together for mutual benefit without any financial interests involved.’

As Mahatma Gandhi said,’ Be the change, you wish to see.’ These two young gentlemen have taken on their stride to help the youth and other job seekers of India in these dark times. Naturally, we are expecting great things from both.

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