TravelDilSe – Because you got to plan your holiday travels Dil Se!


Website – TravelDilSe

Founders – Natesh Rajagopalan & Sumita Tulsiani

Travelling has become a lot easier with the access of luxury travel services and new era start-ups coming up with solutions right from planning your travelling to guiding you to make the most of your trip. One such exciting and a unique start-up we would talk about today is TravelDilSe. Yeah, the start-up has equally amazing services to offer as amazing its name seems to be!

Started back in 2014 by the veterans Natesh Rajagopalan and SumitaTulsiani, TravelDilse offers a dynamic and a customized holiday plan in terms of pricing though not compromising on your comfort. The start-up helps its clients with solutions like price comparison at its booking engine using unique their own refined algorithms. The start-up aims to deliver tailor-made holiday plans with comprehensive itinerary management of its clients.

The two founders came up with the idea while they worked together at a big brand booking platform. The concept of using easing travel plans using technology is what got them to form TravelDilSe. Interestingly, TravelDilSe helps its customers get rid of hotel providers and travel agents who would charge you hugely for their commissions.

About TravelDilSe

The platform aids its customers with automated but comprehensive itineraries. Customers can enjoy personalized holiday plan that includes everything related to travel, including flight bookings, itinerary management, hotels, activities, sightseeing, travel insurance and all of it with instant confirmations. The platform is developed on a competitive price understanding intelligence engine that compares prices offered by companies and websites worldwide. After running is comparison intelligence, the platform shows its customers the best possible online pricing for their travel plan.

TravelDilSe solely aims to offer its travellers with the best possible experiences making them available with the best options anytime and anywhere they plan to travel. While travel is something we are all so emotionally connected to, the start-up aims at improving our experiences and making the most of it!

How does the algorithm work?

TravelDilSe platform is built using robust algorithms at the back end. However, in the front end, the customers enjoy a straightforward process of planning an itinerary and making their travel bookings. Customers can easily get all the customizations done on one screen for the whole trip. The founders mention that the website is so easy to operate that it just has two easy steps to follow, and your customized itinerary will be done!

Currently, TravelDilSe covers destinations like Nepal, Maldives, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, Bali, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mauritius, Singapore, Seychelles, Goa, Andamans, Kerala, North East, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Jaipur and various other weekend gateways. However, the platform is consistently increasing the number of destinations every day.

Achievements of TravelDilSe

Right from its inception back in 2014, the platform has created over 3000 itineraries while having booked the holiday plans for more than 7000 travellers. Every month, the start-up is seen to be growing by its revenue of 15%. The founders believe that this success has a lot to do with the handful experience they have of over 40 years in the travel domain, giving an edge to the bizarre business model at TravelDilSe. The global connections, affiliation, networking is all that leverages this start-up, making it the USP of the business.

Future Prospects

Ms. Tulsiani mentions about the future prospects of business where she says that the travel industry in India is one of the fastest-growing sector in business. While the budgets of family travels have improved three times in the past four years, the industry seems to grow by 11% in 2020, forming a revenue of $48 billion. Even though there is a massive demand in the market, customization and unique solutions are really important to sustain the market. TravelDilSe has successfully managed to stay there!

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