Findbhk – Chennai based startup is helping working professionals to find a fully managed homes


Real estate investment is one of the oldest ways for individual investors to park their money and get returns out of it. Different facets of real estate give different returns like commercial properties yields up to 8% , residential yields upto 2% and flipping lands yields higher returns.

Rapid urbanisation and influx of people for jobs and education to urban cities spiked the demand for space which reciprocated in the cost per sqft  this made it almost impossible for middle class families to buy a new property in the mainland. 

Urbanisation pushed the metro cities to extend its geography or to build a similar one.Though the developing markets are affordable for the middle class  population to buy their own house , long distance travelling to the workplace is the major concern. We know people who buy property in the periphery but rent another house to stay close to his working place.

This specific  behaviour to stay close to the workplace opened the space for tech startups to bet in the co-living segment. Many startups are investing in co-living which attracts the young working professionals and students.It’s a ready made plug and play model.

People choose co-living when they are new to the city where they don’t have friends to share the space. But a few months later they make friends in their workplace or in the PG itself and try to move to the private full house.

Renting a full house actually saves a lot for them, they can have their own space, they can cook what they want, it’s residential EB charges (not commercial charges unlike PGs) , they can do parties and many such things. Private house actually gives them more freedom.

But the biggest worry when it comes to renting a full house is a huge deposit , house owner interference, furnishing the prop, internal maintenance and above all not all the properties are open for bachelors.

This is the exact problem findbhk is solving. is the Chennai based property aggregator startup aggregate properties from house owners apply standard terms and conditions, low deposit,assures no house owner interference and free maintenance with no lock-in agreement.

We are actually consolidating the fragmented market.

Pocket friendly homes:

All our properties captioned under this theme. We deliberately made pocket-friendly homes to suit the young working professional’s pockets. The deposit starts from 1 month to the maximum of three months.

Since it is a  volume business, most of our properties are priced much lower than the similar properties managed by the individual owners.

Free maintenance:

We serve managed homes. 

Finding a vendor and co-ordinating for any minor maintenance is a time and money consuming process.

Findbhk solves the problem by powering tenants through a mobile application where they can schedule a maintenance activity and it’s completely free.

Customized furnishing:

Unlike PG you need not pay for what you are not using. Pay only for what you use. 

Based on the requirement of the tenants we do customization in the furnitures, whatever the tenants requirement we provide it on a rental basis.

No house owner interference:

This is the biggest problem for students and young working professionals. They don’t like to be restricted. They are not only paying for the space but also for privacy.Everybody wants to feel like a king in their own space.

Findbhk ensures safety and privacy of our tenants, there won’t be any unwanted rules and restrictions.

No lock-in period:

When a job change or job transfer can happen anytime,why do you want the lock in the agreement.

Our tenants can leave the property anytime, it can be one month or two there is no locking period.

Besides tenant services we are also working on the products to create a rental ecosystem to suit the working professionals to be the one stop solution for rental housing

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