Success story behind GetSetCamp


GetSetCamp is a Mumbai-based startup that intends to build up quality services in the extremely disorganized camp out accommodation segment in India. The initiative taken by the founder of GetSetCamp, NaveshDakdar has brought in an excellent outcome after abundant of struggles in his entrepreneurial journey.

The journey

Belonging to a South Indian family where a common perception of people gives priority to jobs over entrepreneurship, Navesh worked part time on the venture for a quite long duration. While in 2016, he decided to get in with the project on a full-time basis, he was apparently ceased from doing so. His parents being really reluctant initially allowed him to go on the project for 6 months. This is more of like a deal that he would go back if did not perform well within 6 months. Fortunately, Navesh’s hard work paid him within 6 months. The start-up acknowledged significant growth in revenue that let him succeed in his deal with the parents.

Started back in 2013 in Mumbai as a camping equipment rental services, the business model has significantly evolved with the dynamic market. The company started with camping accommodation model in 2015 and now is growing forward to pan-India in 2017.

NimeshDarkar, his brother, and co-founder of the startup is an all-rounder. He poses an excellent customer support management. Moreover, he has tremendous experiences as a digital artist that let him handle the creative part of the online marketing campaigns. Thus, all the talent factors have together contributed to the success of the organisation.


Coming to the core services offered by the team, GetSetCamp offers standardised and verified campsites in the country. The camping works as an alternative to home stays and hotels. While we travel different parts of the country with our friends and family, we generally search hotels around the beautiful locations online. Though there are numerous large and small companies offering their list of hotels, security is one of the major issues arising here. What distinguished GetSetCamp from other is its safety to the users. One has to login to the website and further gets a list of the verified and highly secured camping destinations. The research team makes sure to get original pictures of each site and the entire information about the accommodation. This lets you find out about the site accurately and then book it conveniently through the website.

Market size

During 2016, Sandler research paper under the global adventure tourism market counted the revenue of the industry for 2015. The industry seemed to have generated a revenue of worth $7.88 trillion. Further forecasts made in global adventure tourism market show the market growth to approximately 46% during 2016-2020.

Service Charges

GetSetCamp operates on commission basis depending on the bookings by campsite vendor. A fee is charged to the merchant when the customer makes a reservation. However, the percentage of commission varies with different regions and type of vendors. The company safeguards exclusive selling rights grounded on the investments made at the place.

The company further looks forward to investing and making the pan India expand gradually.

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