Start-up story of India’s First Bad Debt Saviour Company; Debtors Watch


Every start-up, every small or a big company or even individual service providers, in that case, have got through the problem of fraudulent clients at some point in time. In fact, it is identified that almost 10% of the start-ups in the industry have missed simply due to non-recovery of the debt from their customers. The impact of this risk is so huge in anyone’s life that it can easily ruin their bread and butter. And so, the young man Deepanjan Periwal came up with a start-up idea of saving hundreds of scams happening every day due to the non-payments. His urge to identify how could one get rid of the problem led him here.


About Deepanjan Periwal

Deepanjan Periwal is a certified chartered accountant and has worked for more than nine years at Ernst & Young, India. Further, he holds an experience of three years as a self-advisor that gave him the maximum instances of losing money due to client defaulting payments leading to bad debts. He wondered what could evade such situations. He says that the bad debts not only wipe your revenue but a part of the business profits. His immense struggle for three years got him to build up a whole good company and save companies bearing bad debts. He realised that the problem of debt and non-payments not only existed with the service providers but also in the retail sector. Such a huge concern that persisted in the entire market inspired him to start with Debtors Watch.



About Debtors Watch

Debtors Watch serves its users helping them perform a background check of their clients. These users can add the payments details on the site in order to depict the client’s entire history. The company aims to help these users get timely payments without any delay. The platform is growing and intends to mount up to a level that it can help people make an informed decision when offering credit. Headquartered in Mumbai, this start-up has designed its own market. Presently, it is serving the B2B businesses who use credits and loans for their clients. It has established itself letting anyone operating a business make an informed decision.

The whole aim of Debtors Watch can be summarised as their efforts towards weeding out the defaulting clients from the business performing community. They have a proper system for tracking trade defaults and reporting. By the next year, the company plans to conduct massive marketing across the country. However, since the company has launched with a vision of evading bad debts, it has received an amazing response.


How Debtors Watch functions

Any B2B business can register on the portal for free and report their bad debts giving a last chance to their debtors for the due payments. Debtors Watch provides credit to its users who face delayed payments. On the other side, the company send constant emails and text reminders to the defaulters asking them to make the payment. Once the last chance is proffered and if the debtors still fail to make the payments, they are listed on the portal, and any other person can easily access this defaulters list.

However, in order to support the claim, the users have to provide their valid PAN card numbers and various other necessary documents. On the other hand, it helps the debtors defend on the claim made by the service provider. They may document their response on the Debtors Watch platform.


The portal has 500 registered users until now. The start-up is continuously working on improving its tools providing an innovating experience to its customers. This start-up has a big lesson to teach. It is not about losing but about finding a solution to the problem. If there’s a problem, there’s positively a solution. Find it out and get ahead. Debtors Watch with a clear vision to weeding out defaulters shall definitely change the industry and make a trustful and a loyal market in the coming years.


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