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Start-up story of the eco-minded entrepreneur : Mohammed Sadiq


Why not consider saving the environment and take eco-friendly resolutions this new year? Why not be a part of the Go Green campaign? Did you know, a start-up called Bio Green has taken up the best resolutions to save our environment offering its services in selling bio-degradable bags and substituting the plastic. The start-up has successfully made eco-friendly bags that work precisely like plastic but are made up of natural starch and vegetable waste. It works on the idea of plastic minus toxic.


An introduction to BioGreen

The BioGreen Bags is the first start-up company in India who produces biodegradable eco-friendly bags substituting the plastic. These bags are made up of natural starch, vegetable waste and vegetable oil derivatives. The products are thus harmless to the plants, animals and the entire environment.


The start-up idea

When Karnataka imposed the plastic ban on 11 March 2016 without giving an alternative to the same, it was then that a start-up idea clicked the 29-old entrepreneur Mohammed Sadiq. The story was something like this;

eco-friendly bags

He one day went to buy groceries and milk in the market. He took a paper bag from home. Suddenly he found the bag breaking down as the paper material came in contact with the milk packet. He thought of an alternative and realised that there was no inexpensive alternative to the same. And it was then the idea clicked and started working on the start-up. He began with his research and came to a solution. He says the toughest part about the start-up was to educate and explain the government about the product and gain the required license. But he did not give up. Today, the bootstrapped network has a direct selling business model based on subscriptions and pay-per-use as per customer demands.


A great initiative taken

According to a survey in 2015, The Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate change stated that each day the amount of plastic waste generated in India was more than 15,000 tonnes. On an overage, more than 6,000 tonnes remained littered resulting in the loss of life of thousands of marine animals and millions of seabirds every year. BioGreen bags has taken a significant initiative with its start-up of producing 100% biodegradable, waterproof, recyclable, eco-friendly bags. Made up of complete organic waste, these bags result in 90% decreased greenhouse gases saving the environment and making it better and better.


How BioGreen works?

These eco-friendly bags are known to decompose themselves in 5 – 6 months providing excellent quality manure for agricultural lands. This further helps in lessening of the massive chemical fertilisers and eventually getting rid of tonnes of waste. It provides customised packaging material, plates, spoons and a lot more biodegradable stuff to the retail stores, malls and catering companies.

eco-friendly bags


Where the company stands today

Since July 2017, the start-up has three manufacturing units in Pune, Tiruchirappalli and Dharwad. It has exported over 120 tonnes of its products in countries like US, UK and South Africa. It has further extended its services with business pioneers like Myntra, The Future Group, DMart, etc. The company aims to cut down plastic to 0% in Karnataka and over 50% reduction in the use of plastic in the entire Indian market by 2020. With the manufacturing capacity of 600 tonnes, the company actually seems to have a bright future. The start-up will be wholly launched on 30th January 2018. The BioGreen will be a great help to the companies who find it difficult to manage their corporate and their natural world together. With the introduction of eco-friendly bags, it has brought an overwhelming experience in the market and ensures the world to have even more.


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