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Founder – S C Sekhar Varma

Are you a foodie? Are you a meat lover? Are you someone who loves cooking and is looking for good fresh meat in the market? Or maybe simply someone who loves reading about food then this start-up story today is for you! This startup is called Hibachi, serving the finest meat and solving most of the challenges customers face in the meat market.

Started by Sekhar Varma in 2018, Hibachi is an online store that lets you buy different varieties of meat. They have a quick home delivery service and also help their customers grab the most interesting and healthy meat recipes online.

About Sekhar Varma

Sekhar Varma holds huge experience in the field of fundraising, finance, corporate business planning, working capital management and data analysis. Today, he owns and manages Hibachi and has put in all his experience and efforts to make it to the best of this business.

hibachi founder
S C Sekhar Varma

The Startup Idea

When interviewed, Sekhar mentioned the various challenges and irregularities the meat industry in India had. As we all know, meat production in India is largely unorganised. People have to stand in long queues to get meat from the shops. Most importantly, India is seen to be consuming unhygienic meat for the way these meat shops have to serve. Considering the situation, Hibachi came up with the idea of offering organic and hygienic meat that too at your doorstep.

Challenges Hibachi faced in the outset

The start of this company was all about big challenges for the founders. Procurement was one of them. Meat needs to be procured completely based on the number of customer orders and customer satisfaction in order to make sure there is fresh meat delivery. Therefore, procurement of the right amount was initially a big challenge. Secondly, clean meat production came out to be a problem and likewise, the assessment of customer experience. While in order to sustain in the market, a good customer experience was the key, the startup underwent huge research to find out various customer needs. They researched and performed immense analysis on the right amount of procurement, storage conditions, the temperature required for different types of meat, package and finally the delivery.   

Hibachi’s services

Hibachi offers a variety of chicken and other meat products. They have a meat delivery website for people to shop for meat sitting at the comfort of their homes.  Currently, Hibachi offers home delivery in Hyderabad, though plans to grow horizontally in various other cities. The company specialises in every type of meat and delivers variety including Chicken Liver, Chicken Mince, Chicken Supreme, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Lollipop, Chicken Curry Cut or Fry Cut, Chicken Wings, Chicken Breast with skin as well as boneless, etc.

When visiting the website, customers can explore the variety they have through different categories on Hibachi.in. They can further have a look at the most popular meat section. The website has various payment options letting you order at pay at ease. Likewise, the most interesting thing apart from the meat is their recipes section that is updated frequently with new and interesting meat-making recipes. Do read their blog and try mouth-watering food today!

Growth and Future of Hibachi

The current scenario of Hibachi is really positive with the constant growth of 20%. While there has already been a big vertical growth in terms of variety of meat, the startup now has plans to grow horizontally or geographically. Currently serving in Hyderabad, Hibachi has plans to at least start serving meat in all other Indian metro cities in the coming years. Be it fish, chicken or mutton, they plan to get the people in India with mouth-watering meat everywhere possible. 

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