The Dogma Soft: A Success story of Godara brothers


Quite a time ago, I read this quote by Steve Jobs that went something like: “Intuition is greater than Intellect.” And, the startup we are going to talk about today is one of the prominent examples of Intuition’s triumph over Intellect.

Started back in 2010, The Dogma Soft story proves the power of Instinct.


The story of founders:  

Pawan Godara & Shyam Godara, two brothers from a small village named Takhranwali in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan went on to employee a total of 2 million people of India. And here’s the story of the journey to this feat.

Coming from a lower-middle class farmer-family, Pawan & Shyam did their schooling and B.A from Govt. institutions. With no prior knowledge, the duo of the small village came to know about IT business from friends. The fascination of IT business attracted them towards it, but not having proper knowledge about it held them back for some time.

But as they say, “Under adverse condition- some people break down and some break records.” Now you guess’To which group of people does Godara brothers belong?’ And, the answer you most certainly know is they broke records.

Without complaining and making excuses about lack of money, they did computer courses from DOEACC society as non-collegiate students and came one step closer to their dream of building an IT company. In spite of not being a part of IITs, NITs or any other prime institute; their intuition, hustle, knowledge, and optimism took them to the heights they are at today.


When and how it started?

Back in 2007, Pawan Godara, co-founder of The Dogma Soft entered Jaipur. A newcomer to the city, he did small jobs in several companies and also provided tuition’s to young kids. In 2009, Pawan and Shyam Godara started discussing & planning for an IT company. In the end, the discussion stopped and execution began. Consequently,  the company saw its first sunrise in early 2010.

As a beginner, they invested 500 INR and registered the company on 29th of January, 2010. Like many other known companies today, this IT company was also started in a small cottage. And, if we were to describe the size of the room, in Pawan’s word “It was no larger than the size of the double bed.”

Since we know that to start an IT business, the minimum requirement apart from skills is a computer. But, given the condition of Godara brothers, they were not able to afford one. So, they brought their first computer in installments and got started with website development and software development.




The vision of the company:

A mere interest turned to instinct was now a product & service providing business. From an early stage of the company, there always was a vision in mind of cofounders that: If people from villages and ruralareas were given all the facilities then they won’t be forced/attached to the idea of moving to cities. And, Be Smart Citizen, a venture of The Dogma Soft gave the fuel and power to the vision. The objective of this application is to serve people with facilities in their day to day life things like Hotel/car/flight/train/bus/movie bookings, online payments, e-medicals, e-banks, job opportunities, etc.

Moreover, their rural hearts vouched for solving the problem of unemployment. Hence, another principal objective was/is to provide employment to people in their respective fields and promote rural entrepreneurship. And, as a result of the clear vision to help rural people using IT solutions.

The success of the company has led the network of Dogma in 34 states/UTs and more than 600 districts. Marking a total presence in more than 2000 cities, it has over 10,000 business partners.

Hence, if you want to get started with an online business, The Dogma Soft is where you turn towards. Helping with Software Development, Web Hosting, SEO, Google Promotion, Project Training & Hardware Services, the Dogma team will provide you service and stand with their slogan “We don’t build customers, we make friends.”



Let’s end this success story with another quote of Steve Jobs: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Like Pawan & Shyam Godara, if you believe in your instinct, work super-hard, and optimistically follow your vision; then one day if not today, others will write your story like this one. The Dogma Soft is undoubtedly an inspiration to billions and a helping hand to millions.

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