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Shilpa Dhamne, Mother of two daughters and an Entrepreneur. She studied bachelors in Architecture, Nashik. Masters in Construction Management, V.Tech, USA, worked with Gilbane Building Company, Maryland and Deore Dhamne Architects, Nashik for almost 8yrs! Since October 2015, She & her husband Chinmay Dhamne have started with Book My Activity venture!
She loves to read blogs & articles, watching aspiring stories, travelling, being with friends!


Book My Activity began from current parenting challenges of discovering various activities happening through the city in a standardized manner! She is Non-tech entrepreneur started this journey of creating a platform for finding and booking classes & activities! Academics is one part, but you learn a lot of things by getting engaged in simple extra-curricular activities and eventually it helps when you start working, or also it helps in making the connection in the group of people! Participation in various activities will lead to finding your hobbies which will lead to finding your passion and purpose in life! Engaging your spare time in various kind of learning helps you gain an exposure towards your core interest area!


Her journey has been full of ups & downs and being a non-tech entrepreneur faced a lot of challenges in creating a product which is functional to use! She started this from her passion to engage the kids in this manner, and thought of creating a platform which will help parents and student community in a huge way!
Book My Activity is still very small in terms of User acquisition and spread over the cities.


Book My Activity have 8000 educators from Nashik, Pune and Mumbai and 13000 Consumers registered. Book My Activity helps educators on lead generation, advertising/marketing and managing the administrative efforts such as student/parent coordination, batch management, attendee management through our cloud based dashboard access! This platform is easy to use for people who are conducting training, seminars, workshops, events, and conferences in any city of India!




Everyday growth and new challenges are there, which we can conquer and now creating a smooth ride for new employees, developers and marketing team ! With this, we are launching an Activity card for people to access activity centers and pay the fees “per session” too! This card will enable to people to do the transaction through us as this card will act as privilege card, and it will include the lot of offers, discounts and various affiliations which will ultimately help for students fees!


Book My Activity is ready, and now in the process of launching a mobile app, which will ease the process of booking of activity!


Book My Activity team is now seven sales/marketing members, one advisor, and four developers onboard! Shilpa Dhamne & Chinmay Dhamne are the founding members of this startup!


Book My Activity aim to scale up this portal pan India, and people will be able to use this wherever they go and very soon it will be Uber for activities! Book My Activity continuously in the process of improving and making themselves trained to serve the customers!
“Continuous learning is the key to success.

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