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RePlast is an eco-friendly initiative by Rana Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. (RIPPL) based in Gurugram. The initiative contributes to a greener world, spreading awareness and encouraging people to help curb plastic waste. The world faces a plastic crisis today, with 10,000 tons of plastic garbage filling landfills daily. Industry emissions significantly contribute to this, producing around 170 million tonnes of hazardous plastic waste annually. Therefore, Rana Infra Pvt. Ltd. incorporated RePlast to address the alarming issue of plastic waste disposal.

RePlast does an Everyday Collection of single-use/Low-value Plastic/ MLP waste from landfills and Procurement from Non-hazardous industrial waste from energy and chemical industries and concrete construction debris. These are then transported to our production facility in Jhajjar, Haryana (India), where we manufacture sustainable and environmentally friendly products from plastic trash, industrial waste, and C&D waste. RePlast utilises advanced technology to transform low-value, single-use, and soft plastics, typically found in landfills, villages, schools, offices, and municipalities, into eco-friendly tiles and colourful paver blocks/bricks.

All RePlast products, such as RePlast Pavers, RePlast Interlocking Tiles, and RePlast Bricks, are eco-friendly, superior-quality products that meet IS standards. Also, they are cheaper than traditional concrete products, have a carbon-negative impact, and do not harm the environment. RePlast is committed to encouraging the plastic recycling movement and promoting long-term sustainable development. We aim to become an industry leader in producing recycled plastic tiles. Our innovative tiles can enhance the surrounding region’s aesthetic appeal while making it more livable.

Apart from production, RePlast also conducts awareness drives in schools, NGOs, and local welfare groups to raise awareness of reducing waste. Our dedicated team has worked together to find a solution by producing aesthetically pleasing and secure paving blocks and floor tiles appropriate for both home and commercial usage. There are numerous benefits of RePlast products apart from being environmentally friendly. They are economical as they reduce the upfront cost by 5-6%, thanks to minimal wastage or breakage and low consumption of sand and cement per square foot when compared to the red brick system. Furthermore, because the products used do not include salt, the walls have no efflorescence problem after plastering. This eliminates the need for hasty re-plastering or re-painting to conceal unwanted white patches on your walls.

RePlast is an innovative initiative that uses advanced technology to recycle plastic and industrial waste into eco-friendly tiles and colourful paver blocks/bricks. The initiative aims to address the alarming issue of plastic waste disposal, reduce carbon emissions and promote long-term sustainable development.

RePlast is a trailblazing eco-friendly effort that has tackled the worldwide plastic crisis by repurposing garbage into ecologically acceptable and sustainable goods. RePlast has manufactured superior-quality goods that surpass IS requirements and contribute to a greener environment using cutting-edge technology and a creative approach.

Rajeev Rana

RePlast is a brilliant beacon of how companies can embrace sustainable practices while addressing social and environmental concerns. RePlast is positioned to become an industry leader in making recycled plastic tiles, promoting a greener, more sustainable future as it maintains its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community participation.

Exclusive Interview with Rajeev Rana

How did this business idea strike you?

Rajeev – I worked in the Construction materials industry for nearly 15 years, and things were going well. However, I faced a significant setback when each year during Diwali, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) would halt ongoing construction in Delhi NCR, resulting in significant financial losses. Determined to find a solution, I began researching more eco-friendly building materials. I wanted to create a brand that could provide an alternative to traditional construction materials, one that was less polluting and could address the problem of plastic pollution in urban cities such as Gurugram.

Eventually, I decided to manufacture fly ash bricks, which are environmentally friendly and an excellent substitute for red bricks. This not only helped to reduce pollution but also provided a viable solution to the problem of plastic waste. I am proud to have created a product that benefits the construction industry and contributes to a cleaner environment.

When did you incorporate your business?

Rajeev – My unit commenced operations in 2020, amid the height of the coronavirus pandemic. There was a considerable rise in plastic trash during this period due to individuals being confined to their houses and the waste accumulating without effective treatment.

What does success mean to you and your company?

Rajeev – We believe in making profits. Both financially and environmentally. Meeting the demands of our customers and striving towards sustainable development are equally important to us. As responsible citizens, we aim to impact society positively and set an example for others. We believe that if we can find a solution, anyone can.

How are you performing currently?

Rajeev – Our company is in a growth phase, with a long-term vision that we continually work towards. As a result, we are gaining recognition both in-person and on social media platforms.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the initial days of your startup?

Rajeev – One major obstacle business owners and entrepreneurs face the lack of government support. Although the government acknowledges and values our efforts, the level of support provided is insufficient. Additionally, the equipment required for producing their products can be prohibitively expensive, and setting up a manufacturing unit is no easy task. Even when the project is considered a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, the manufacturer must bear the total cost of environmental cleanup.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Rajeev – RePLAST uses single-use and multi-layered plastic to manufacture paver blocks and pavement tiles. While most recyclers focus on PET moulding to create decorative or garden items, we prioritise producing construction materials in high demand due to our growing economy. Our products have a long lifespan and can be recycled for the same purpose, making them durable and sustainable.

Where have your start-up services been expanded to?

Rajeev – We mostly provide our services in the Gurugram-NCR region.

How many people are now working at RePLAST?

Rajeev – At present, the company has a staff of 30 to 35 employees.

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