ArtyCraftz listed over 24,000 products on its Platform


Website – ArtyCraftz

Founder – Venkatesh Armugam

India is one of the young eCommerce platforms dedicated to Handmade and Handicraft items announced it has listed over 24,000 products on its online shopping website – The startup has entered the market mid of Jan-2021 as a provider of digital services to its clients such as Digital Marketing, Website Designing & Development, HR Services, & eCommerce Management in the name of VR Solutions. Even many services are provided by this team, they had the core idea that comes up with next-gen tech-enabled solutions for eCommerce called – an exclusive eCommerce platform for Individuals, Small & Medium Business Owners & manufacturers to sell their items without keeping or adding any margins to the sellers. is solving major issues facing these sellers & vendors as the other eCommerce players are keep supporting sponsored listings as their priority on their platform.

Tied up with more than 500 individual sellers, 100+ small business owners, and 20+ medium-sized business owners and manufacturers in the short term of time. Every month more than 100+ sellers are being helped through by sales. Our sellers/vendors are registered across Pan India and most of them are from remote villages areas having no options to get their products since there are no options for delivery. We are also solving these products pick-up problems through our smart-supply chain applications.

The goal of is to empower at least 10,000+ sellers and vendors by the end of the year 2022, listing more than 1,00,000+ items on our platform, and improving on faster delivery to the customers. They also planning to upgrade our online platform by giving deals and offers to new and existing customers, rewards programs, the festival season offers, sending gift coupons/cards, spin-to-win deals, social commerce, reselling, and many.

The growth trajectory of an as it spending the whole first year on building the core tech platform and partnerships with sellers. The platform began witnessing traction soon after. Venkatesh Armugam who is CEO and handing Digital Marketing activities of an eCommerce platform said as “We were able to achieve our targets nearly on every month-to-month and by the end of October, we saw the launch of shipping to global customers also. Most of the customers are from European countries and the UK. During this year’s national lockdown amid Covid-19, we did see the dip in the business owing to the logistical challenges and restrictions on shipping in the country but while we were still able to manage onboard many sellers into the platform during these critical times for business.”

While speaking with Venkatesh Armugam, he also revealed his plans & ideas of taking to the Next-Gen shopping experience. such as:

  1. Tractions to meet customers’ unique and individual requirements by developing products, services with a Personalized Shopping Experience.
  2. Real-Time users experienced Shopping using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods.
  3. Building the platform using Blockchain technology (Decentralized) in the future to safe, secure & faster transactions.
  4. AR & VR shopping experience: Customers can virtually try on products, place furniture within rooms of their homes, and more.
  5. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) will become an intense challenger — even a replacement to credit cards among consumers. “BNPL has given new opportunities and purchasing power to millions of customers with limited access to credit.

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