The Motto which Truly coincides with these Sustainability Change-makers


“Make it a better World, for you and for me “

It was the 2020 Lockdown diaries, where the sisters reunited to lead a different path from their family businesses of Real Estate, Manufacturing or Green Building Consulting to  “Think Sustainable and Act Responsible “ and make tangible Impact across the world. 

2012, when both the sisters took their first Sisters trip to Sweden and Norway, they were overwhelmed by how Sustainability is integrated into the life of the Scandinavians. How cities are completely fossil Fuel Free, how Companies and Citizens are respecting Nature and taking simple steps for living a Sustainable Life. Both Pranati and Ankita Shroff, have a Swedish connect where they both were selected on a Fellowship in Sustainable Businesses and Responsible Leadership in 2012 and 2016 respectively. The thought process, connect, learnings from Nature and the desire to lead a sustainable life was the essence of their trip.

As the Prime Minister announced the Nationwide Locked down in March 2020, The sisters realized that resources are getting Depleted: Human, Capital and Natural Resources are getting scarce and even getting them was indeed difficult. There was a need to look at the Earth in a different perspective, Create a movement of Youth to “Be the change, not the problem “ and create positive engaging Impact during these tough times and Save resources, be conscious in our choices and simply sustain.  It was the time to Save and Sustain our planet earth, which leads to a youth-driven Company “ Sustain and Save” A complete solution on Sustainability by the Indians for the world.

For almost 8 years now, both took separate Paths and got engaged in their other business ventures. Pranati, the older sister, An architect and Green building Consultant formed SPROUT Greening ideas, Truly a knowledgeable Sustainability enthusiast with more than 10 years practising Green Building Consultancy. The Younger one, A serial Entrepreneur who sold her first Startup and Nature lover, was exploring life and looking at a bigger Impact Ventures involving the youth and Corporates for planet Earth. The SDG’s were her goals. During the Lockdown, it was their positive attitude, they both took it as a Blessing in Disguise to join hands and start a movement engaging the youth to take up Sustainability challenges, learning Sessions and Innovation projects to upcycle and recycle. 

But questions and difference of opinions came in: Is there any Business model?  Would Financial Sustainable be possible?  Would People connect to the concept of Sustainability in India? Is it possible to change the mindset of millions of India? Is it real to bring CHANGE processes, Families and Bring Innovation in the field of Sustainability? Where do we start? It was earth day and 22nd April 2020, Both took up that day along with 5 students to work on a cause on Sustainability. In less than 6 months, as it evolved and with an overwhelming response not sure how they would sustain, today they have more than 400+ changemakers who have enrolled in their Sustainability Changemaker program. The team is led by their 4 dynamic board members: Vinita Lulla, AaryaTupe, Kailash Lahor and Sumesh Karad budding Changepreneurs. More than 50+ Corporates, 10+ Educational Institutes and Government joined hands to support the Mission and vision of Sustain and Save now a Pvt Ltd. As it started with Virtual Life, they had youth all around the world interning with Sustain and Save and creating awareness on Sustainability as their social Impact mission.

The problem they are trying to solve sounds simple but difficult to execute “ Cause we all know It, but do we really do it”.  Integrate Sustainable Habits at Individual level, make conscious choices, Segregate at source, Save the landfills, and moreover EAT, LIVE And MOVE Sustainably. Using the concept of Challenges and various Techniques, they have combined various Impact Projects where Plastic, Clothes, E-waste and other wastes are upcycled and recycled from Households to all enable a Circular Economy.

How do they operate at Sustain and Save: Every month they choose a topic to focus on. It could be Plastic Pollution, Fashion Sustainability, Tetrapac Packages, Sustainable City Projects and engage young changemakers and Corporates to work together to make a tangible impact measured in  Numbers in terms of Co2 Emissions reduced, Waste Reduced at Source and Simply, Water Saved. Sustain and Save believes to Measure  Impact and change. Working on a Sustainability Technology App, they have so far calculated 35000 litres of water saved, 82 kgs of waste segregated at source and  1722 Kgs of Co2 emissions saved.  Along with these basic Parameters, they have worked on different projects focusing on various wastes in the industry and are on a mission to make WASTE AN ASSET, a WEALTH we shall soon value.

In the last 3 months, They have been able to tie up with the Pune Municipal Corporation, FICCI, CII IGBC, Swedish Government, IKEA, TetraPac and Big Names who are now working with this Startup Making waves in Sustainability.

To sum it up: It is the power of the Youth, Along with the conceptualization and Drive of the Shroff Sisters who are creating a behavioural change in our Lifestyle.

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