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A brainchild of Mr. Vikas Goel & Ms. Meetu Goel, Lavana Interiors, is a Noida based interior firm specializing in providing a warm yet unique and a luxurious look with the help pocket-friendly interior designs. Founded in 2011 as Lavana Architects & Interior, this firm has completed over 200 projects ranging from 400 sqft to 10,000 sqft. 

Mr. Vikas Goel is an electrical engineer with a management degree from one of India’s top b-schools and has over 20 years of corporate exposure in sales and marketing. He is the in-charge of the business development and handles client acquisition.

Ms. Meetu Goel is a skilled architect who has firsthand experience working with top architects of the industry, like distinguished Raj Rewal and Sachdeva Eggleston. After she had learned the tricks of the traed from the very best, she set up her studio in Noida. Being an expert in architecture and interior design, she handles the operational aspect of the business. She is one of the few women involved with the designing aspect and has an employee-centric role in dealing with the labor and other employees.

Meetu Goel & Vikas Goel

Lavana Vision

Lavana’s motto is to provide value for money with the help of latest technology, modern skills and out of the box thinking. While this pair had to move from place to place often because of their involvement with the corporate, they decided to set up a permanent base in Noida as North India is where they had their roots.

While the business has started with a meager investment of Rs. 5 Lakhs, they moved from manual woodwork to India-made machinery to increase their production scale. Once they have started with the projects and have gained a considerable market share, they progressed further and acquired German and Italian machines in 2017.

While they started with a simple idea of organizing the distributed architecture and interior designing industry, they have progressed towards becoming one of the most renowned interior designers and architects. Fortunately, with the help of sheer hard work and smart decision making, they have covered many top tier cities in India, making their presence felt all over India.

Lavana Specialties

Lavana specializes in both residential and commercial interior designing and architecture. They have completed multiple projects and have fantastic customer reviews which speak for their effectiveness.

They provide specialized service for Kids Room Interiors making the room look lively with a touch of naughtiness that is needed. Additionally, they also specialize in developing modular kitchens for your housing, keeping in mind the functionality and aesthetics, which will elevate the cooking experience. Moreover, their in-house team of talented and experienced experts and industry professionals makes sure that your houses are custom-built, keeping your taste, preferences, and, most importantly, your personality in mind. From Bar Units, Study Room set-ups, and Beds to Temple units and whatnots, they have a wide range of options to convert your ideas into reality.

Lavana future expansion plans

Lavana is now aiming for further heights and advancements. Their next plan is to establish an experience center for the customers. They’ll be able to see the finished product, including every minute detail of modular kitchens, bedrooms, and basically, the entire house. They plan to display sofas and beds, amongst other furniture under one roof to make the selection process comfortable and convenient.

Furthermore, they also plan to additional designer furniture in different finishes like Resin and Metal to increase the range of designs and furnishings. They are committed to providing a unique and the most fashionable interior designs for your dream house.

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