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Bhavish Aggarwal, the man behind Ola Cabs


Bhavish Aggarwal, a graduate from IIT Mumbai, is the founder of Ola Cabs. Just like any other entrepreneur, his life into entrepreneurship was the same. There were no approvals from the part of parents and believed the boy planned to open some travel agency. However, the next step of hard work and passion gets people to success. The same hard work and passion for his company bought him funds which made him win the market.

If we consider the market for travel and cab services, every day there is a new startup based on the same. However, Ola Cabs stay at a prominent stage in the market. This is entirely because of the regular innovations and details to work which bought Bhavish to be a success entrepreneur.

The success of OLA

After graduating from IIT Mumbai in 2008, Bhavish launched his startup in 2008 offering taxi services in the crowded city of Mumbai. The innovations and digitization of the cab services led to rapid growth of the firm. Today the two, Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati together own the Ola Cabs company. They are known to be operating in over 100 cities in the country. Furthermore, their services have been a lot convenient using an Ola application in both Play Store and The App Store.

The startup took the entire advantage of the technology like the gadgets, GPS and the internet which led to a beautiful innovation in our travel industry. One has to simply log in to the application and track the cabs available through GPS. The taxi can be booked within clicks letting the customer enjoy simplified services.

Latest Innovation

The most recent innovations made by Ola is the introduction of Ola Autos which allows people not just travel through cabs but can save huge on short distances through Ola Autos. Started in Bangalore for the trial purposes, the company received a huge response leading to its expansion in Chennai, Delhi and other big cities.

What makes the man succeed?

Bhavish owns his success all because of the hard work and dedication he has for his company. He has a daily schedule of 7 am to 1 am in the night working for Ola. The man answered in the interviews about his concern to work in every sector and department of the organization. He further finds 24 hours to be quite less as per the amount of work burden the man has to handle. He takes care of the operations, marketing, HR and every other sector by communicating to the departments now and then. Furthermore, his dedication has left him with real interests in business rather than watching TV or staying personally active on social media.

Bhavish Aggarwal is a young entrepreneur who has been an inspiration to all the ambitious young people who look forward to having a business in future. His entrepreneurial journey is all about hard work and dedication that paid off. Moreover, a business can grow only with continuous innovations and passion that Bhavish managed to balance.

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