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Founded in 2010, Cropin has set towards bringing about a revolution in farming is done today. While technology has impacted all other walks of life, Agriculture and Farming as an industry was left untouched. 

What is the idea behind Cropin?

The techniques that are being used in India are rudimentary and highly inefficient. The only form of machines that are being used are tractors and basic pumps leading to India’s largest industry to the crisis. Additionally, Mr. Krishna Kumar, the Co-founder and CEO of Cropin have also noticed the lack of funds, Climatic hazards, diseases, and pest manifestation and whatnot in addition to the lack of high-tech machinery. This was when Mr. Kumar decided to quit his fast-growth job at GE to found this start-up, which is committed to bringing the much-needed digitalization of the AgricBusiness Sector in India and abroad.

What are the services and products provided by Cropin?

Cropin is dedicated to bringing the use of technology and data in the AgriBusiness sector. With this view, they launched their first service called SmartFarm, which helps you track your agriculture field with accuracy, and will send you critical alerts and imagery. These alerts help you manage and respond to the external stimulus in an efficient and timely manner.

However, Cropin has come a long way since then. They have launched additional services aiming to provide end to end solutions for all the Agri needs. Let’s look at the key services offered by Cropin.

  • SmartFarm – This software helps you keep an accurate track of your farm through various notifications.
  • SmartWare– This is a complete supply chain solution accessible through mobile phones, helping you track every step of the process in real-time. 
  • SmartSales– This product is designed to help you maximize sales and improve performance during various seasons with the help of an intelligent system. 
  • SmartRisk– This product aims to help you monitor and help mitigate risk as an intuitive solution enabled by Data.

What is Cropin heading towards?

To provide efficiency, helping you increase productivity, and with the motive of sustainable growth in the agriculture sector, Cropin is all set to revolutionize the lives of Indian farmers with the help of everything based on Data and Technology.

In this world where everything is happening on our finger touch, it has become imperative that new ways of farming and agriculture are invented because, in the next 20 odd years, the demand for food supplies is going to grow manifold.  

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