Pixmash – A made in India Pixalive application for short-form video entertainment


The multi-faceted social media platform called Pixalive, has been launched by an Indian start-up, Tripalive.me Technology and its key product Pixalive. Pixmash is a short format video-based application that is entirely created and developed in India. It is targeted towards a huge market of around 200 million users interested in such applications, providing the feature of recording and viewing short videos for entertainment purposes.

Journey of Pixalive

Launched in 2018, Pixalive is a brainchild of Mr. Rajsekar Sundaresan. It was aimed at providing a whole lot of features to satisfy the social media requirements of its users. Downloaded for over 4,50,000 times across 130 countries, Pixalive supports the creation of posts, including photos, videos, texts, and voice notes. It is important to note that PixaLive is the parent application of Pixmash, which has helped build its strong foundation.

What’s unique about Pixmash?

It aims to satisfy the requirement for a platform that will allow you to share short videos along with Lip-sync. The app will also provide support for a lot of native content that comes as its USP. A free to use the mobile application, a user can record, edit, and share short videos.

It is important to note that you can record a video of up to 15 seconds on this Pixmash. However, suppose you want to create a longer video for a longer duration of continuous entertainment. In that case, you can merge multiple small videos to create a string that lasts up to 60 seconds. Additionally, you can also upload longer videos that have been recorded outside the application.

Following a social media platform concept, this application allows you to share videos with your followers if you choose a private account and a broader community in case of public accounts.

Additionally, Pixmash also provides you will endless video templates supported by various customization features like filters, stickers, and emoticons, making the video recording experience more entertaining. You can also browse videos under various categories like movie scenes, dance videos, comedy, and whatnot. The efficient search function makes the user interface of this application very friendly.


The ban of Chinese applications from the Indian market has left a vacuum, especially in the domain of video-based social entertainment apps. While many players have moved in quickly to gain the market share, Pixmash is slowly but gradually making rapid strides to establish its domination in the industry seeking to become the market leader. It is noteworthy that this single application developed by an Indian entrepreneur can replace up to 14 Chinese applications banned by the Indian Government.

For more info: https://pixalive.me/

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