20GB Intel Confidential information leaked online


Around 20GB massive Intel confidential information leaked by an anonymous hacker. There are various internal documents marked as confidential and secret and non-disclosure agreement(NDA). Some evidence was leaking the BIOS code and debugging tools developed by Chipmaker. Intel is investigating the situation and finding the leak from the Intel Resource and Design Center.

Till Kottmann swiss software developer and IT consultant released the details about the data breach. Kottmann tweets they got the information from an anonymous hacker, till also tweeted a screenshot of the data that has been leaked. In the data, there are various confidential documents as well as schematics, tools, Intel’s roadmaps, and firmware versions of different processors. Also, many marketing company templates and some NDAs.

In social media, the folder circulates widely as an “Intel Lake platform release” and initially posted on the mobile messaging platform Telegram.

Intel claims the information is downloaded by Research and design centre, a person who had proper access. Intel is not alone in this tech world that has suffered a data breach.

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