EventXtra has turned the pandemic crisis into a 300% extra revenue earning opportunity


In the middle of a catastrophic situation, many businesses across the globe have been facing enormous obstacles for the last couple of months. But even in the situation, there is an outstanding event management platform called EventXtra that has turned this crisis into a great opportunity. They have launched a great solution known as “virtual exhibition.” It helps to move multiple offline events online. It has literally started working as a one-stop solution that can solve any business distress. The revenue of this business has been increased by 300% after launching this incredible solution. So you can easily understand that event organizers cannot miss this new trend of the virtual exhibition.

This technology broke the limitations of social distancing

EventXtra came into existence in the year 2014 in Hong Kong. If you are an event organizer, you cannot miss this one-stop software solution because it offers everything, including registration, data analysis, event traffic, coordination, payment, and a lot more. This virtual exhibition has already turned many offline events into great online events by breaking the geographical restrictions. Let’s take a look at its features.

Sum Wong (Right) and Angus Luk (Left)

Services and features

  • It offers smooth operation processes. You can easily create forms of event registration and manage attendees effortlessly.
  • This software solution can create a virtual environment like event booths, exhibition hall conference rooms, advertisements, and so on.
  • If you want to maximize your networking experience, what can be better than setting up of virtual exhibition hall for all those participants who wish to participate in the webinar? They can even exchange their digital business cards and chat with clients to get offline as well as online appointments.
  • When it comes to features, how can we miss the statistics of virtual exhibition engagement? It offers you video view rate, inquiry numbers, traffic, leaflet download, and a lot more.

EventXtra’s s co-founder, Sum Wong, has spent USD 1 Billion annually to become the top business Giant in the Asian region. India is one of the chief markets for event software. Japan and China are also competing in this race. So this exceptional software will help organizers to meet all the attendees interactively and more safely.

Funding received from Japanese Corporates

UB Ventures has already provided funds to EventXtra. Apart from that, it received funds from Japanese startups like Uzabase that have already enlisted its name on the Tokyo stock exchange. Can you believe that EventXtra has begun earning revenue of JPY 8.7 billion annually?

So if you are an event manager, don’t hesitate to check out this leading business that has already transformed the event industry in Asia.

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