ZEUX Innovation Sets New Standards in Design Leadership with Innovative Workshop Series


ZEUX Innovation, a prominent UX design and innovation firm based in Mumbai, has launched a series of Design Leadership Workshops aimed at helping design professionals enhance their leadership capabilities and impact. ZEUX’s focus on creating seamless digital experiences across various sectors is reflected in these workshops, which seek to transition participants from executing design tasks to leading strategic initiatives.

The workshops target UX Designers, Creative Directors, Design Managers, Product Designers, and Founders who struggle with defining design problems, strategic thinking, effective communication, and embracing innovation. ZEUX aims to equip these professionals with the necessary tools and insights to navigate and lead in the dynamic field of design.

Saurabh Gupta, Co-founder of ZEUX Innovation and a seasoned expert in UX design and innovation, leads the workshops. An alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Gupta has trained over 8,000 individuals globally. With more than two decades of experience, he has developed the ABCD framework—Articulating the problem, Big-picture thinking, Clear communication, and Delivering disruption—to foster design leadership and innovation. His extensive experience with startups and Fortune 500 companies makes him a valuable mentor for aspiring leaders.

Each workshop is limited to 26 participants to ensure an interactive and immersive experience, attracting professionals from various design disciplines and project leaders eager to enhance their leadership skills.

Reflecting on the success of the workshops, Saurabh Gupta stated, “We are thrilled by the overwhelming success of our Design Leadership Workshop. It underscores the growing demand for strategic design leadership skills in today’s competitive landscape. Our commitment to fostering design excellence and innovation remains unwavering. We are expanding our workshop series to meet the needs of design professionals seeking to drive meaningful change through design.”

Participants have praised the workshops for their insightful content and practical applicability, finding great value in the program’s framework and fresh perspectives on problem definition, strategic thinking, communication clarity, and leveraging innovation.

In response to participant feedback, ZEUX is considering the introduction of a multi-day residential certificate program to allow for deeper exploration of key concepts and stronger participant connections.

Participants like Sandesh Mandlik, a UX design manager at Capgemini, praised the workshop for its enlightening presentation and blend of theory and practical exercises. Karthik Chaganty, a Senior Design Specialist at Dream 11, found the curriculum inspiring and the activities engaging. Nandini Bhosale, a UI/UX Designer at TCS, valued the insights on leadership mindset and perspective, noting significant career advancement. Khushboo Shah, Founder of Studio Juxta, appreciated the focus on often-overlooked UX aspects and is excited to implement the knowledge gained.

ZEUX Innovation remains dedicated to promoting design excellence and innovation, continuing to deliver unique, practical content to equip designers with the skills and perspectives necessary for driving meaningful change through design.

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