Amazon launches a digital USB Amazon clock


Amazon finally launches a digital display wall mounted alarm clock. You can plug directly with the help of echo flex anywhere in your home like in hall, room, garage. The smart clock price is $15 in the US on pre-order. This digital alarm clock is exclusively for Echo Flex, echo flex sold separately.

You can set the time by Alexa app in either 12-hour or 24-hour formats based on the time zone. You can set the timer by saying “Alexa set up the timer for 10 minutes” and the digital clock will display the countdown. Amazon digital clock up to 20 timers supported. You can adjust the brightness using a built-in light sensor.

Echo flex – You can control your smart home devices like TVs, light, Acs and other smart home devices, also you can get weather information. By their privacy control multi-layer protection, you can switch off microphone button and it disconnects the voice control.

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