KaryaMitr – Reshaping Blue and Grey Collar Hiring in India


Finding a job or hiring a best suitable employee or gig for your firm is no more a difficult task. Considering two important things – the current chaotic struggles of the work-seekers at the bottom-of-the-pyramid (BoP) and the employer’s difficulty in finding the right worker for their firm, co-founders Sanchayan Paul and Chandresh Bihani launched this online job platform, Karyamitr.

KaryaMitr is driving change in the blue, grey and entry-level job search through technology. It is differentiating itself from other job listing platforms by offering micro-skilling modules & intelligent match-making through skill-tests, checking the distance from work and experience.

The idea behind founding of this online job platform struck co-founder Sanchayan, when a 50 years old housekeeping staff at Vodafone’s Corporate Office met him for his guidance in finding a suitable job for his 18 year old son. It was then, when he realized the struggle and difficulty of finding a good job of approximately 400+ million blue and grey collared work-seekers at the bottom-of-the-pyramid. While A.I. and smart hiring tools are being used to enable white-collar hiring, he realized that there is zero to no innovation while hiring at the entry level, and the  entire job-seeking process  is laborious and long-winded. Similarly, as a result of early career experiences of co-founder Chandresh Bihani, he knew well the power of technology to scale challenges for reaching out to the masses.

Co-founders Sanchayan Paul and Chandresh Bihani began ideating on various possibilities for executing their plan and launched KaryaMitr in December 2018.  They have successfully built a working model in Mumbai, and further enhanced it to serve the work-seekers and employers in parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi-NCR.

At Karyamitr, they offer a few interesting Value Added Services (VAS) to employers and work-seekers:

  • Video Resume: On realizing the difficulty of the entry-level work-seekers in the job market today, to express their abilities in a written resume, KaryaMitr launched the ability for work-seekers to create their video profiles, thus enabling them to convey their capabilities in their own language in a structured way simply by answering just three questions.
  • Job Specific Assessment: They enable employers to filter candidates through customized assessment tools. Employers can create an assessment using these tools for every job they post, and these assessments are used to filter applicants in this platform. Thus, the platform sorts out relevant candidates for the employers.
  • Quality of Candidates: Their goal is to improve the quality of work-seekers through intelligent match-making using:
    • 1i3a (inherited, assigned, accumulated and aspirations) attributes model
    • Displaying distance from the workplace
    • Work readiness modules (micro-skilling)


For KaryaMitr each time they help someone in need to find a job is a micro-success. Since inception, there have been hundreds of registrations every day by job seekers on karyamitr and via the KaryaMitr Job Search App on Google Play Store (Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karyamitr.workseekers).

Similarly, they are getting corporations, individual entrepreneurs and MSMEs to post jobs, take a trial and then buy their subscription plans to the platform to start hiring through karyamitr. Besides the website, recruiting companies can also use the KaryaMitr for Businesses App in Google Play Store (Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karyamitr.businesses).


The team’s short-term goal in thenext 5 years, is to reach:

  • 50 million work-seekers in India on their platform
  • 100K employers posting jobs
  • 15 million workers digitally skilled through their platform


Their vision is to improve the livelihood of 400+ million blue and grey collared work-seekers at the bottom-of-the-pyramid of India’s workforce, by connecting them with 50+ million employers in India.

The heart-warming stories and “thank you” messages that they receive when a job-seeker gets a job through KaryaMitr within days, while she/he had been searching for weeks and months through other avenues, help them realize the impact they have on individual job-seekers and this keeps them focused on achieving their goals and do justice to contribute to their vision behind the founding of karyamitr.com.

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