Design your Salad in 1.5 Lakh Ways – The Falhari Story


Founders – Gulshan Sharma and Rahul Shankar

Website – Falhari

What snack can you think of when you feel like munching or having something before or after your meals? Some examples that we can think of are packed food items like chips, fried snacks, etc. Ever thought of healthy snacking? Oh, yes, but we surely do not have enough time to focus on a healthy snack. While food is like a fuel to the machine of our body, the intake of good or bad food wholly impacts the growth of the body. And here we discovered another beautiful start-up Falhari that solely deals into enhancing the healthy snacking habits all around. 

Launched as Falhari on 23rd Feb. 2015, this start-up has come a long way serving its customers with quality fruits and salads all around in Gurgaon, India.

The Concept of Falhari

Falhari deals in offering fresh, natural and healthy food to its customers. They use organic and fresh fruits and nuts to make their platters. While they also serve their customers with juices, the company uses two pounds of fruits and vegetables, freshly pressed getting you the best vitamins in your drinks!

Falhari aims to help its customers follow a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules for they deliver the fresh salads in a box. One can take this box to office, energise themselves anytime they feel like munching or snacking, and delight their way to a healthy body.

Started by Gulshan Sharma who is a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab University, Falhari today is one of the top known brands serving fruits as a healthy snack to its customers all over Gurgaon.

When Interviewed, Gulshan Kumar mentions a few more reasons targeting the environment with Falhari. He believes that more fruit intake will mean more trees, ultimately enhancing the groundwater levels. The same is going to help with the pollution levels for there will be controlled firing on the remains of the crops. Gluten, not healthy for health, present in the harvest would be less promoted, and there would be lesser urbanisation and more demand serving farmers with the prices that they actually deserve.

To grow in the market, it was a big challenge for Falhari as they did not get consistent orders. While people are not so used to eating fruits and vegetables, it was tough for the company to acquire customers on a consistent note. This led them with the launch of subscriptions where people started subscribing for monthly meals. Falhari promoted themselves via different food application such as Zomato, UberEATS, Swiggy to enhance their reach to the customers. Started off with fruit salads, the company worked on improving itself using customer feedback such as introducing yoghurt products, ice creams, fruit lassi, etc.

Today one can find a lot of options to subscribe for including Fruit energy box, exotic fruit salad, chocopaya salad, fruit energy cup, Fat cutter box, etc. One can simply subscribe to these boxes and enjoy healthy meals each and every day, no matter how busy you are.

Final Words; Let #GoFalhari

Falhari is an excellent thought brought forward in a manner of a start-up by Gulshan Sharma and Rahul Shankar who have started with this concept of healthy snacking in Gurgaon and plan to grow in various other cities. Interestingly, the Falhari team is flexible enough, giving customers almost 1.5 lakh ways to get their meal boxes customised and subscribe for their daily healthy snacking. Let’s #GoFalhari Today!!!

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