Room soom: A nightmare for brokers!


Founder – Nitin Agrawal

Co-Founder – Garima Agrawal

Website – Roomsoom

“Successful people see opportunity in every problem” might be one of the most shared quotes in this entrepreneurial era. However, it doesn’t make it any less of a fact, and the startup we are going to discuss today is a prime example proving the quote.

RoomSoom: “we make renting fun” 

Long story short: A man finds some problems in a particular sector and decides to change it once and for all. The extended version you ask? Here you go!

You might be wondering, “What problem, sector, or the man is he talking about?” Don’t worry; I am going to tell all about it. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the story.

Founded on 1st August 2016, Roomsoom is a Noida based startup-business solving a major problem in the housing/hospitality industry.


The Problem?

Almost one-third of the urban Indian population lives in rented homes. And although this is a massive $20 billion market, an optimal solution for living-away-from-home people wasn’t found.

People such as bachelors or corporate owners or even families have to shift due to studies, business, or Jobs. The first problem these people come across while moving is proper accommodation i.e., rental homes. In order to get an appropriate home with adequate furniture and surrounding, either they have to pay heavy broker-fees or settle for what they find.

This has been a problem for the largest amount of time, and somebody ought to have fixed it, at least in the digital era. And, the solution came with the foundation of “Room soom“.


The Solution?  

Founded by Mr. Nitin Agrawal, Room Soom is a once and for all solution. Room Soom deals with providing rented houses to students and working professionals. Now, before discussing about their services in exact, let me tell you about the founder in brief.


About Founder:

Nitin Agrawal, the founder of Room Soom, isn’t some 21 years old wannabe but an experienced man. Before becoming a founder and entrepreneur, he had several high profile jobs. He has an extraordinary 20+ years of experience as a BD/sales, Solution design, Network engineer, etc. in many big companies such as Nokia, Hutch, and Motorola.

He came across the above-discussed hospitality-sector problems and started to solve the problem by providing his and his friend’s vacant space on rent. Soon enough, with his experience and digital era opportunity, he developed a web product which we know as Room Soom. Talking about RoomSoom, Let’s see the services they have grown in its time.




Room Soom’s Services:

Just a look into their website and you will find their every service for students and working professionals. They are:

  • PG/Hostel for students.
  • Furnished flats.
  • BHK
  • And also, Homestay.

Tip: If you own any of the above mentioned real estates and want to put on rent, you can post a free ad on Room Soom.

As of now, Room Soom is available in ten major cities of India which includes Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Indore, Chennai, Bangalore, Ghaziabad, Nagpur and a couple more.

Covering ten major cities in two years of time is a significant achievement in itself. Talking about accomplishments, let’s discuss the successes of “Room Soom” as a whole.


Successes of Room Soom:

Within a couple of years, Room Soom has had quite some milestones. With 300+ registered houses across ten cities, room soom has served more than 40,000 people find their happy home.

And most importantly, room soom has saved more than five crores(50000000+ INR) in brokerage fees, which was pretty much the purpose.

In short, House owners and their tenants benefited, and brokers loss some good amount.


Final Words:

This little story of grabbing the problem and converting into an opportunity is an inspiration. Room Soom, like many startups discussed on Startup Urban, proves that if you solve people’s problems, nothing can stop you from becoming a success.

I hope you are inspired by this startup. Let me know in the comments below if you are.

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