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Website – Archana’s Kitchen

Founder – Archana Doshi

Archana’s Kitchen is a name that needs no introduction for food enthusiasts who love to cook. Archana’s Kitchen is a leading food discovery and recipe website in India that offers the world confident and credible solutions for daily cooking. Let’s discover some interesting facts about Archana’s Kitchen. 

Who is Archana? 

The person who created ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ is Archana Doshi, a person who has revolutionized the concept of ‘home cooking’ for millions of people. If she looks familiar to you, it is because she has a commendable media presence. Check out some of her achievements with the National Television.

  • She was the Guest Chef along with Vikas Khanna on a Food Channel for the ‘Saffola Fit Foodie Program’
  • She was also in the famous talk show “In Conversation with Namu Kini.”
  • She joined Zee Khana Khazana’s show as a guest chef.
  • She was featured on a reputed event ‘Google Entrepreneur on the Web’ because of her extraordinary work on online content and motivational journey.

She has also been interviewed by Deccan Chronicle, where she spoke about the significance of being a responsible social media influencer. She even graced the red carpet during the Youtube Fanfest in March 2016. 

What will you gain from the website?

Video tutorials- There are thousands of innovative recipes which are extremely popular among foodies for its rich content. The video tutorials make cooking super-easy as you can play the videos several times and achieve perfection. 

Online Classes

For the first-hand experience, you can join online classes. You can interact with the expert chef and learn exciting items from her directly. You can also be a part of her live cooking classes. 

A wide variety of recipes

The best part about Archana’s Kitchen is that there are excellent and easy recipes for all occasions and all types of cooks. Whether you want to cook Chinese food for your children or you feel like having stuffed paranthas, you’ll find plenty of options here. Whether you are an amateur in the field of cooking or someone who enjoys learning different dishes from all parts of the world, you’ll find her website extremely helpful and informative. 

From mouthwatering starters to authentic main course recipes and soul-satisfying desserts, you’ll find everything at one place. 

Meal Plans 

You’ll also find meal plans and a special diet for people who want to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. The meal plans have been designed in such a way the body gets all the essential nutrients it needs to function properly throughout the day. 

Eating food is an essential part of our daily routine. If cooking feels like a chore, and you always run out of new recipes to keep things interesting in the dining room, Archana’s Kitchen will solve your problem forever. You have to try the ‘Braised pork’ recipe, a famous dish in China, Chicken 555, and ‘Grilled Aubergines’ at least once. You can pay a visit to her YouTube channel for more brilliant ideas. So, bid adieu to monotonous cooking and make everyone fall in love with your food.

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