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Co-founders – Mr. Sarvagya Mishra & Mr. Ankit Ruia

Website – SuperBot

Do your employees work 24/7? Are you still losing vital leads because of delayed response? Then you are finally at the right place. Have you heard about SuperBot? This newly introduced AI-powered is doing wonders for businesses. 

Forget those old calling techniques where you have to miss vital calls just because you are in another one. Experience next-gen calling where you can have your own virtual call center. It’ll save your cost and time both and help you to attend to important leads that you can easily turn into a business.

Now let us understand how SuperBoot has revolutionized calling.

Have Your Own Virtual Call Center

Establishing a new call center is not child’s play. It can make a hole in your pocket eventually. At least it will help if you have an investor who believes in your business. But without a call center, how will you attend all those calls from important leads? You must not miss those important calls even if you have a call center. Is it really possible?

We are standing in an era of the Internet where everything is possible. SuperBot has revolutionized the entire calling process by giving you your own virtual call center where you can make over one million calls a day. How? 

An intelligent voice agent will be there who is capable of delivering smart dialogues just like humans over calls while interacting with a customer.

Can a Voice Agent Understand Unique Responses?

SuperBot makes human-like conversation and understands unique queries and responses. That is why it responds accordingly. The best part is that SuperBot can speak in different languages, including Hindi, Bengali, English, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. This voice agent has been trained to communicate just like humans in their regional languages. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

SuperBot is Just One Click Away

Already 100 voice agents are there. That is why no matter what case comes, they can handle it quite easily. That’s because all these voice agents have been trained for various unique cases. They can easily cater to different industries and are ready to deal with your customers. It is just one click away.

Now let us check out some of its unique features

Don’t Miss its Unique Features

SuperBot has some unique and impressive features. Take a look.

· SuperBot has zero dependence on humans. 

· One of the best qualities of SuperBot is intelligent reporting.

· This voice agent guarantees 100% faster calling. 

· Now, your customers don’t have to wait for a response as SuperBot ensures zero waiting time.

· Its open API can integrate with any CRM or other platforms. That is why it can pass on the calling data, metrics, and call scores. 

· SuperBot will be available for your customers 24 by 7. 

· You can have both inbound and outbound call centers because SuperBot is capable of placing and attending over 10,000 unique calls just in a minute.


Besides this unique feature, SuperBot has many other impressive features that can knock your socks off. Therefore, if you want to take your business to the next level and boost your reputation in the market without making a hole in your pocket, you must try SuperBot once. You will automatically understand its benefits.

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

SuperBot – The idea of SuperBot was conceived when Co-Founders were spearheading the parent company, PinnacleWorks, a key player in the education sector. While trying to bridge the gap between counsellors and students, the co-founders recognized a delay in response despite having onboarded counsellors who were working 12 hours a day. This delay resulted in the loss of vital leads and put an upper ceiling on the number of customers they could reach out to in a single day.  To overcome this gap, the founding team started working on an automated chat agent. The co-founders were determined to commission SuperBot, which, unlike other standard bots, would understand the sentiment behind customer queries and respond in a human-like manner. This led to the advent of SuperBot for the Education sector, which later evolved into a voice agent.

When did you start your business?

SuperBot – SuperBot was started in 2018 and is headquartered in Gurugram.

What does success mean to your company?

SuperBot – For us the term “success” stands to define the day when the communication cap between the businesses and their customers will be completely eradicated with the help of SuperBot.

How are you performing currently?

SuperBot – SuperBot is doing exceptionally well, we are currently catering to the calling needs of Higher Education, Ed-Tech, Real-Estate and HealthCare Organisations and have recently started serving the Automobile industry as well.  Additionally, we are all set to spread our wings in BFSI & Hospitality sectors very soon.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

SuperBot – Currently, there are no major competitors of ours in the market as it’s a very niche product. But if we don’t pace up and expand to next level while catering all the major industries, then the relevance of the product might fizzle out. When it is about tech product, continuous innovation becomes a must. Therefore, we understand we need to keep up with the technology, expansion, requirements and updation.

What are your plans for the funding?

SuperBot – Till date we are a self-sustaining profit-making firm. We will look at fundraising once we are on the verge of leveling-up.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

SuperBot – SuperBot is an amalgamation of Telecom and Technology. While technology was not a challenge as both the co-founders are from tech background only, getting an insight into the telecom industry was a task. SuperBot works on VOIP and it’s a new technology for the Indian Telecom industry as well. And finding VOIP developers was a major challenge back then.

What does growth mean to you and your business?

SuperBot – Today a person receives 10 odd calls from different industries for different purposes be it insurance, real-estate, BFSI, automobile, healthcare, etc. To us growth stands for the day, when out of those 10 calls, 5 will be placed by SuperBot on behalf of various organisations across various industries.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

SuperBot – Our product is different from the others in the market as the ones which are available are simple bots, whereas SuperBot is a conversation agent. It doesn’t work like common bots that would only understand the numeric responses like 1, 2 or just capture the responses received. It goes beyond to understand the custom responses shared by the users, comprehend it and respond accordingly. That’s what makes SuperBot different from the other products.

Where are your start-up services spread?

SuperBot – Since we offer a Product that can be used by any business to meet all their calling needs, we don’t have any such geographical boundaries when it comes down to offering SuperBot. But if we talk about the geographical boundaries, within which SuperBot is currently used, then it’s Pan India. We have clients hailing from almost all the major cities and towns.

What does it feel like to be the founder of your start-up? How does it feel to get up every morning and get on to work?

SuperBot – Founders are no different from other employees, just with a 10x more responsibilities. So I don’t about others, but I wake up like any other sincere employee with fresh motivation and the subconscious auto-building of the day’s task in my mind.

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

SuperBot – In the next 5 years our goal is that 80% of the call, the businesses are placing today, should be placed by SuperBot.

Who supports you to stand this business and how?

SuperBot – Since I am the “Co-Founder”, so at times when I get stuck, I get troubled or feel choked and need a fresh eye view, it’s the other co-founder Mr. Ankit Ruia who supports me, gives me ideas and the motivation to go on. That is how we have been sticking together for more than 12+ years now.

Business model of the company?

SuperBot – SuperBot is a SaaS-based platform that works on the “pay as you go” model & can be subscribed by businesses and individuals, in accordance with their calling needs.

How many employees are working?

SuperBot – We are currently having a team of 50+ employees on board with us. Though we aim at growing to 100+ by the end of this year.

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