The Successful Start-Ups In Consulting Firm, Pursued By Jitesh Agarwal & Garima Mitra


Business performances need to be aided by strong legal and financial planning. The business of accounting also gets a better response when the legal and financial features act as major aids. Start-ups business needs a deeper thought to enable it to grow in the future. It will be a detailed story of start-up business of accounting. Some stories speak better through joint efforts and being true to conviction. In Mumbai, two friends namely Jitesh Agarwal and Garima Mitra, each of twenty-seven years old thought of providing legal and financial consulting services. In the meantime, of their start-up business, they found a new place to put their minds and delve into the issue. The two friends, who plan to run a business, expect small-to-medium size business categories to approach.


Both of them tried to opt for multidisciplinary business consulting firm namely the Treelife Consulting services. It is designed to build and grow the consulting services and reach out people with the essentials. The Treelife consulting services is a firm where it tries to reach the clients with customized and meaningful solutions in legal and financial sectors. The start-up business of the consulting firm is anchored by fresh idea and mechanisms. In coming to the terms of business, it is Jitesh who observed a visible gap in the market. According to him, the business procedures are marked with some changes. The distinct changes in fields of business are that traditional methods of business were performed on a theoretical basis. Whereas the new entrepreneurs are on the track of being well acquainted with new business motives and the need to put up experiments with in-depth knowledge and it leads to having competitions. Both the friends in the consulting firm briefed the business objective which will cater long-term goals. It is to offer services which will be marked with a quality and also to support the new entrepreneurs in the building of their steps for success. As Jitesh was chartered accountant and Garima were practicing law, they knew each other since the college days. Their profession matched with the corporate roles and in spite of their happiness to make their dream come true, they were in the mood and making the plan to start something fresh. Practising some consulting services and developing the firm of their own, needs much effort which finally leads to growth and has much potential.


The challenges reflected as success for Jitesh and Garima

At the beginning of their start-ups, they felt that it required much experience but along with expertise and serving clients with personalized solutions they strived to be different from the traditional methods and practices. The challenges were many, but with the practical approach and sensible thinking, they came to understand the challenges signaling future potential. The business path needs to be followed with practical solutions. The success of the business depends on the choice of suitable approach, and the particular types of small and big steps mark a difference. It is the pitching of co-ordinated action which strives to be different regarding business. It is the constant aim and supports to reach the ceiling and be the “Big-4” service providers in the future. They also aim to make a mark and attain the clients with legal and financial systems. The strength of Treelife is eight people, but they are gradually developing to grow big. Some of the business practices followed by them give a new turn to the prospective areas. To be different, they followed the right path of success by focussing on the business-oriented solutions, understanding the needs of clients and supporting them by delivering solutions hinging on practicality, less cost, and time-oriented approaches. The Treelife Consulting firm attains the mechanism of two-fold revenue models. On the one side, they deal with project-based revenues, and for mature clients, they charge with monthly based revenues. The business model is designed to treat the clients, and they serve on the deliverables. It is estimated that though the number of clients is limited, yet it works well to serve the business purposes and the consulting firm needs to increase the capital for business expansion.


The market overview for business

The business is seeing the prospects for specialist consulting services in India. It needs the selection of right consultants having expert knowledge base and resources. The Treelife is willing to spread the business functionalities in the Tier-2 and the Tier-3 cities for budding business personnel.

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