CyberPeace Hosts Jharkhand’s Inaugural eSports Championship


On Sunday, CyberPeace and CyberPeace Cafe organized Jharkhand’s first-ever eSports championship, the CyberPeace eSports League, in celebration of World Social Media Day. The event took place at Level 7-CyberPeace Café, located near Reliance Trends, North Office Para.

The championship aimed to raise awareness about eSports among both gamers and non-gamers. It featured diverse participation, including several female gamers, highlighting the growing presence of women in the gaming industry. Students from Kshitiz Deaf and Dumb School also took part, demonstrating that perseverance and innovation can overcome any challenge when provided with equal opportunities.

This event aligns with recent developments in the eSports world, such as the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) proposal to create “Olympic esports Games,” expected to be discussed during the Olympic Games Paris 2024. This move indicates the growing recognition of eSports, which has already made its debut at the Asian Games, and underscores the potential of gamers as digital age sports heroes.

The championship offered a platform for local talent to gain recognition, with participants competing in multiple rounds for a spot in the final showdown. The event featured two age categories: Category-A for those 17 years and below, and Category-B for those 18 years and above. Games included Freefire, Beat Saber, and Mortal Kombat, available on PS5 and VR Oculus.

Winners included ‘Sahu,’ who took the Freefire winner’s trophy with 116 points, ‘Bloody’ as the first runner-up with 89 points, and ‘Mahi’ as the second runner-up with 84 points. Muzammil won the Beat Saber championship, with Sunidhi as the first runner-up. In Mortal Kombat, brothers Katikeya and Piyush received the first and second place awards.

CyberPeace Founder and Global President addressed the audience, stating, “Our goal behind organizing this League is to identify skilled individuals in eSports, support, and train them to reach national and international platforms. With the IOC’s recent recommendation, we are hopeful that gamers from our state will represent India in the Olympics.”

He added, “We aim to create an inclusive and safe gaming community in the state, providing guidance to budding talent. We also hope participants pledge to become responsible gamers and spread this message within their communities as influencers.”

CyberPeace Café, dedicated to promoting eSports and online skill-based gaming, plans to continue creating platforms for gamers to achieve their dreams. Future plans include conducting several eSports Leagues in other states, culminating in a National League.

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