TiE Sustainability Summit clocks over 25,000 registrations from multiple Social Enterprises across 54 different countries


TiE Hyderabad hosted the TiE sustainability summit (TSS 2021). It has clocked over 25,000 registrations from social enterprises from 54 countries. This figure has already made it the world’s largest summit in the sustainability space for social enterprises. 85% of the registrants are chairmen, founders, co-founders, directors of social enterprises, and managing directors. The size of start-ups varies from a small-scale start-up to a billion-dollar unicorn.

The theme of the summit is interesting, ‘Where entrepreneurship meets sustainability.’ All the participants and social entrepreneurs will represent their organizations by engaging in discussions on policymaking. The debate will address and solve the UN’s identified issues in the sector of sustainable development goals (SDGs). It will also focus on shaping social enterprises’ future to make a great impact at the bottom-of-the-pyramid (BoP) and delivering reasonable solutions to the underprivileged rural people through process innovation and technology. The summit will discuss obtaining unique solutions to different serious challenges such as healthcare, access to water, education, transportation, electricity, agricultural production. Apart from that, issues like gender diversity and climate change have also been included.

Manohar Reddy, President and TSS Global Chair TiE Hyderabad said, “We have already received an overwhelming response from the social enterprises across 54 countries. It stands as a testimony to our endeavors at building a superior robust ecosystem of social entrepreneurs. We believe they can shape the planet’s future by resolving the concerns highlighted in the sustainable development goals (SDGs). At TiE, it has been our constant effort to solve social and business problems through policy intervention and innovation to deliver affordable and unique solutions to the bottom of the pyramid.” The chairman further added, “I am confident that the summit will offer a unique opportunity to social enterprises to accomplish their objectives by meeting customers, prospective investors, future board members, mentors. Besides, they will be able to take part in debates and discussions.”

Over 200 social impact investors will attend the summit. The social enterprises will obtain access to mentors, funding, and future board members at the summit through TSS’ Match Making’ Technology. The investors will be able to identify and shortlist social enterprises for a significant investment. The match-making technology will give an opportunity to the social entrepreneurs to discover a buyer and a seller during the summit to conduct business. They will also have a chance to find a joint venture partner or a suitable alliance during the three-day summit.

Suresh Raju, TSS 2021 Vice President and Co-Chair, TiE, Hyderabad, said, “We are happy to note that TSS 2021 has managed to attract the attention of worldwide social enterprises. The summit genuinely stands at the intersection of sustainability and entrepreneurship. It is designed to shape social enterprises’ future and empower them to create a ‘tangible impact’ on crucial issues our planet earth faces.”

TSS 2021 will be held between Oct 4 and 6, 2021. It will be a virtual event and witness the participation of over 25,000 policymakers, social entrepreneurs, academia, mentors, accelerators, incubators, and impact investors focused on social enterprises.   

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