Real heroes of hospitals and police stations are entirely protected by Droom


Droom has initiated a great major by allocating rupees 1 crore in CSR for India’s real heroes’ well-being. In this catastrophic situation, this germ shield sanitization initiative can save all the sensitive areas, including hospitals and Police stations. Droom has already decided to offer their services to at least one hospital and one police station in each Indian city.

This leading company has over 82 germ shield stores. You will find them in 26 cities in India. But soon, the number of stores will reach 250 in 50 different cities in India within July 2020.

Get introduced to incredible AI-driven anti-microbial coating treatment

India needs a superior germ shield protection from microbes. This should be done scientifically. Droom only uses The USA approved materials. These materials combat germs, moles, bacteria, algae, and fungus, along with any type of droplet-based virus effortlessly. The best part is this outstanding technology is ISO-9001-2015 & ISO-14001-2015 certified. 

Along with killing 99.9% germs, this incredible germ shield can even stop the regrowth of these harmful microbes at least for 90 to 120 days. You must be wondering how. Well, it is an invisible coating that has the power to rapture any microorganism’s cell membrane. You can even create great protection on the leather surface, fabric surface, etc. It will be odorless as well as spotless. 

If you are worried about the contamination level, let us inform you that Droom has already issued a valid certificate for 90 days. You will also get a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days for this superior Germ Shield protection.

Where can we use this Germ Shield?

This phenomenal versatile technology can be used anywhere, along with hospitals and police stations. You can use it on ATM, elevators, vehicles, or in your residential complex. Apart from that, offices and schools need equal protection from germs. So all you need is an Eco app designed by Droom. This is an IoT, Geo-mapping based, AI technology that comes with all types of dashboarding, reporting, the process of property coating, quality checks, and the procedures of standard operation.

Now let’s get to know more about this outstanding company Droom.

Droom, an incredible platform

Droom is basically and online transactional platform that is completely data science and AI-driven. It offers a platform for all the valuable users who want to buy and sell new and used automobiles in India. This company caters to individual sellers, buyers, along with large scale enterprises and dealers. In short, this leading brand manages each sector of automobile ancillary services.

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