Many prominent global brands are all set to join IGDC, the India Game Developers Conference 2019 in Hyderabad


Indiajoy and Telangana Government have recently announced their support for IGDC 2019, the 11th Edition of the Game Developers Conference in India. This conference is going to happen in HICC, Hyderabad and it has already attracted many prominent global participations.

Mobile games have already turned into a billion-dollar e-Sports market. Now the world will witness India’s growth in this market by using all the latest trends of technology. Different big brands of video games and computer have already started securing their place to participate in this conference. So 22nd November 2019 will be a historic day when the digital entertainment industry of India will show their latest development and discuss the inventiveness and new trends with all the global gaming enterprises, gaming studios, and competent developers.

The India Game Developers Conference or IGDC aims to be interactive by addressing all the global Investors, Indie Developers, Developers, Tool Providers and Publishers. It has already become the most awaited conference as people will get excellent opportunities for networking. They will meet different investors. They will get to know the latest trends in the market, many inspirational success stories, and market intelligence. IGDC also comes with IGDC Awards with 7 different categories.

The number of daily gamers from India has increased a lot. From a couple of millions, it has already become six-fold. So here a healthy growth of this gaming industry has been seen in India. KPMG report stated that this gaming industry, including e-sports, would add $1 Billion revenue till 2021. Everybody knows the craze for DOTA and PUBG in India. Apart from that, exporting and designing games will also add a revenue of $1.7 billion in the next few years.

IGDC has already witnessed a record-setting attendance in the year 2018. But this year it is about to set a new record. The applications and registrations are still on. No one wants to miss the chance to join the conference of India’s premier game developers.

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