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India has come up as one of the emerging countries in terms of innovation and technology. The technology and networking have revolutionized the methods of travel and so has the tax service industry seen a vast change. However, does the technology manage to cover all the of the country and have technology-oriented services present? Obviously not! It is mostly the metro cities that are covered.

There are people in the country who do not fancy for televisions, computers or mobile phones. All they ask the government is when will the road in their village be built.

DOOT is one such platform that has answers to the villagers’ questions. Certified by the Bihar Govt., DOOT has come up as a potential startup that has joined hands with Autonebula re-defining transportation of the country. The startup has successfully come up as a massive revolution in Bihar milestone.

Starting off the Doot.One

DOOT Cabs was formed by Rites Raman, Dinesh Kumar, Saurabh Kumar &Umesh Kumar in July 2017 who got through IIT JEE into T.S Chanakya, Mumbai. Having the privilege to enjoy modern metropolitan life, it was tough for them to see the state of affairs at the place that they actually belonged to. They realised that the low availability of transport facilities was one of the major challenges faced by the people in villages. Moreover, the improper structure or development of roads got them barriers to these facilities. Their experience of staying in metro cities and getting back to the village areas with the least facilities got them to the idea of emerging start-up Doot.One.

The emerging ray of hope

Much before Doot started its operations in April 2018, it got itself certifies under Start-up India being a promising startup by Bihar Government. Subsequently, the Chandragupta Management Institute was appointed for further evolution. The team started off with the services in 4 districts in Bihar. They bought existing operators to one common platform forming a quarterly growth right since the first day of operation of 50%. Later, networking implementation of modern technology got the customers to reduce their travel costs and gave the drivers an opportunity to make money.

Some of the statistics that the founders’ mention is the projection retention of 82%. Among these, 42% of customers are repetitive customers who book rides with Doot. The startup has enabled powerful networking reducing the costs of travel by 15%. This has further led to a 45% decrease in existing market rates and ultimately an increasing customer base. Talking the other side of the cab services, the earnings of the taxi drivers have gone up 1.25 times. Increasing demand has also led to cumulative employment opportunities. Currently, over 200 customers join Doot every month and already have 600 regular customers travelling. 

DOOT Subsequent plans

Big taxi services like Ola and Uber make it to just 25% of the country. Doot.One plans to focus on the rest of 75% of India as its target market. Their services are pretty different from the top service providers for the differing type of customer base they possess. Therefore, they believe that it would be a comparatively slower process to expand on a large scale.

Talking about 75% of India, Doot aims to cover first of all the entirety of the state of Bihar. Gradually, they may come up with their services in other states too. When asked about how soon could they expand, the founders answer that the fact completely lies on how swift they are in achieving milestones and how rapidly they make it to the best fundraising sessions.

Doot is an Inspiration – Final Words

Doot, a start-up focusing on non-metro cities, is not just a business start-up but an organization that aims to bring value to the people in India. Last but not least, they are an inspiration to the aspiring entrepreneurs to think out the box and make it to something that satisfies the needs of the market.

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