Why this Delhi Based Exhibit Design & Build Stepped In Exhibit Design Industry?


Interactive bespoke exhibit solutions became the successful entrepreneurial idea.

Mohammed Razi Shakir who has worked on a diverse portfolio for over two decades, came up with an entrepreneurial idea to offer interactive exhibit solutions. Considering the major issue of presenting business in a creative and innovative way in an exhibition, Mr. Shakir came up with a vision to merge interactive technology to exhibit the brand of clients. Panache Exhibitions stepped in the market as a bespoke and comprehensive exhibit design & build service provider on 23rd May, 2011. His journey has been very inspiration as he expanded his vision to attain success stories for over 800 clients. Tailoring over 1800 exhibition stands by involving the design and production team was a phenomenal process. Here are some major insights of the successful journey of Panache Exhibitions.

Initial steps towards success and business insights

Panache Exhibitions is a Delhi based certified exhibition stall designing and Fabrication Company with its presence across the world. Technology, high-end techniques and relevance of business have together been assimilated in the exhibition booths designed and fabricated by its team. The emphasis is laid on creating compelling design and structure of exhibit solutions according to the requirements of businesses. Being a self-funded company, Panache Exhibitions has taken a giant leap to redefine the trends of exhibit design industry. Handling, managing and executing the entire project from scratch was challenging for the team; yet, its current global presence is worth an appreciation. 

Mr. Shakir states that delivering exceptional exhibition stand design and fabrication services were among his major objectives.  The holy trinity of Performance, Process and Promise adopted by Panache Exhibitions contributed to its ISO 9001: 2015 certification and IEIA empanelment. It received humungous response from exhibitions, retail, events, signage, experiential marketing and interior services in its initial phase. There had been many challenging projects where the requirements of clients were not feasible according to the allotted space or other factors of production and designing. But, team-work, proficiency, problem-solving approach and dedication helped Panache Exhibitions achieve the desired outcome for exhibitors.

Current scenario of exhibit solutions…A reality check

After the experience of decade, Panache Exhibitions has recorded a series of events in its journey. There were certain down times as well where the company turned the situation into a positive one while retaining happy clients. Mohammed Razi Shakir proudly claims, “Our team has used state-of-the-art technologies, innovation and absolute uniqueness to scale heights to serve exhibitors’ requisites creatively.”  This entrepreneurial vision of exhibition stand designing and fabrication services has covered more than 25000 meter sq. area and 55 avenues to improve brand presence of its clients. Esteemed businesses have appreciated team Panache for its remarkable performance and timeliness maintained in the execution of project. Every project has been valued and considered significant by the team of designers, visualizers and fabricators to deliver outstanding exhibit solutions.

Point of distinction and presence

Panache Exhibitions has a team of expert designers, fabricators, installation professionals and contractors.  Backed with over two decades’ experience, Mr. Shakir has led creative imagination and guided his team to offer distinct exhibition stall design & build services. A distinguished design and fabrication workshop of Team Panache has added to fortification and resourcefulness of exhibit solutions offered to clients. Panache Exhibitions works on multiple arrays while addressing all the issues of companies with the help of its in-house design & production team. These exhibit solutions can be availed in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and the global presence of Panache Exhibitions is currently being spread. 

Design & Build services…5 years down the line: A future-cap

Panache Exhibitions has always prioritized on nothing less than the best. The team of professionals provides fresh, visually stunning, functional and robust exhibit solutions to all sized businesses. Mr. Shakir adds, “Ensuring all the tasks of production and designing exhibition stalls are aligned properly without missing clients’ requirements is tedious, but, we make it a routine practice.” Being a founder, Mohammed Razi Shakir has polished on each vertical of his services without amiss by reviewing the process from time to time. In a time span of 5 years, Panache Exhibitions will scale heights at the next level. 

Panache Exhibitions is set on a new mission to recreate history by introducing new exhibit design & fabrication strategies.

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