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Mama earth is the latest name in baby care brands that is Asia’s first brand with MadeSafe certified products. Another feat it has achieved is crossing the 100 crore mark in just four years. Launched in 2016, Mamaearth has made 1.5 million customers in quite a short amount of time. Mama earth has an astonishing annual revenue run rate of more than rupees 700 crores.

This company was launched under the parent company Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd, in Gurugram. All its products use the best possible ingredients- natural, plant-based, and are certified as well as effective. Thanks to its commendable products and their quality, Mamaearth has entered the ranks of famous baby care companies like Himalaya or Johnson & Johnson. Its aim is to reduce parental stress and continually work towards improving and innovating to make the world a safer place for both babies and their parents. Let’s read on to find out more about the success story of Mamaearth.

The Birth of Mamaearth:

When Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh were about to become parents, they wanted to make sure that they could do everything to keep their baby safe. So they went on to search for products for their baby which would be completely safe and would not pose any harm to their newborn. However, they were dismayed to notice that the safety standards were not matched by any product available in the market. Most products contain harmful chemicals and were unsafe for use. The browser the Internet to figure out what counted as harmful and what counted as safe, and came to the conclusion that the Indian market was not up to date with usable baby care products.

As a last resort, they started ordering products from the United States owing to the higher quality standards met by baby care products there. Unfortunately, that turned out to be highly expensive and totally inconvenient. They were still being bothered by the low quality of their baby’s products. They couldn’t resist searching and finding out more about the issue.

Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh

In a conversation with SMBStory, Varun says, “We were concerned not only for a baby but for the kids in our friends’ circle. We were able to comprehend the dilemma of the parents who despite working so hard to find a good quality product, failed to do so.”

“We had sleepless nights for around 6 months. Right from doing extensive research, building an efficient R&D team, applying for certification, we were toiling really hard. But, finally, we were able to find a solution.” Varun added.

Each and every Mamaearth products’ ingredients are procured from the best sources around the world, which are ISO, GMP, and non-GMO compliant.

 Mamaearth: Building a Legacy

It will be hard to believe, but Mamaearth started with barely six products in the baby care range. today Mamaearth has diversified and expanded into skin and hair care products for men and women across 80 SKUs (Stocks Keeping Units). Products designed solely keeping pregnant women in mind are present too. The company has catered to over 1.5 million consumers across 500+ cities in India.

Mamaearth is perhaps one of India’s fastest-growing brands. A proof of this achievement is crossing the 100 crore turnover mark in barely four years since starting out. Mamaearth founders believe that their products have reached high levels of success, thanks to word-of-mouth marketing.

Conversing about this achievement and how the duo made it achievable, Varun credits Otto with the strong emotional parent-to-parent connection. He explains, “The brand’s motto and the need for toxin-free products in the baby care segment made it possible to reach where we are today. We believed that we will be able to cater to the vacuum in the industry with care and luck. Hence, we made it happen.”

Mamaearth is one of the few plastic-positive brands in India that considers the conservation of the environment for future generations to be of utmost priority. It has started an initiative called ‘Let’s Recycle’, The company recycles more plastic than it ever uses and also spreads awareness by making the customers partake in the program.

Marketing Strategy and Revenue Generation:

Mamaearth follows an ingenious online marketing strategy. Its marketing strategy has three key aspects:

  • Influencer Marketing:

Mamaearth has collaborated with a number of influencers on the internet who have helped the company to reach a wider audience and thus increase its sales. Influencers tell the benefits of these products on various social media platforms. Mamaearth has collaborated with 500 mother bloggers to spread awareness regarding the brand’s products and their value in baby care.

  • Brand Endorsement:

Varun and Ghazal approached Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra to make her the brand ambassador of Mamaearth Since Shilpa had a lot of popularity both online and offline, she became the brand ambassador, as well as an investor huge, benefited the brand.

Varun shares, “When we got an opportunity to reach out to Shilpa, She told us that she would collaborate with us only if she found our products of value. We had confidence in our products but when we didn’t hear from Shilpa for over 6 months we were dismayed.” However, the lucky couple did receive a call from Shilpa after eight months. She not only heavily praised the products but also decided to become an investor in the company.

  • Digital Ads:

Mamaearth majorly promotes itself through digital ads. They have smartly utilised digital ads that have helped multiply their customer base. Their ads are very attention-grabbing and symbolise their brands in an effective manner.

Mamaearth’s Future:

Talking about future plans, Varun considers that Mamaearth will continue to spread brand awareness through a strong focus on influencer marketing and targeted digital funnels. “We have A million consumers all over India and we plan to elevate it to 10 million in the next 5 years. Our plan is to build mamaearth into ₹500 crore brand.”

Mamaearth also has plans to expand its presence and tier II and tier III cities and introduce a brand new range of products and services.

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