GoMechanic is helping streamline the disorganised automobile service centres in India.


Most of the time inception of a startup is the story of your own life. Similar is the case of the IIM-A graduate, Amit Bhasin and Kushal Karwa who strikes with the idea of the “GoMechanic”. It is a Delhi Based automotive startup which can serve every essential for the automobile.  Mainly it is being observed that car owners are avoiding the authorized service centres. The primary reason behind this avoid is the high cost. Moreover, on the option of doing it on own, there is no free availability of spare parts and services too. So it is a time consuming and tough process.


Online car mechanics for convenience of the customers

So the idea of the “GoMechanic” strikes the online platform which is coming forward with opportunities. They say it as an alternative right option than the authorized service centres. Nearly 30 to 40 percent less has to be paid for similar quality service. As the price is the primary reason to avoid the authorized service centres, they are concentrating more on less price quality service. Besides being affordable, they are hassle free, time effective and reliable solution for vehicle issues with quality service.


Starting the game was not easy

Initially, they had two different models to start the business- B2B and the B2C models. But at the very starting, the business was only the B2B one. They desired to concentrate on the customers for their rates but turning to the business clients produce them more leads. So instead of starting up the B2C business, they started the B2B model. Later on, now they have expanded to the B2C service too. Their business clients include the brands like UBER, UrbanClap, Droom, Revy and more.  Most of their business is from this model. Presently they are directly dealing with the customers through the online platform. Thus both theB2B and B2C have started successfully.


Steps to market the business in right way

The process of the working of the “GoMechanic” team is organized. They have partnered with the brands who service repairs and clean cars. The quality of the brands is ensured by the team. The spare parts are only be obtained from the Original Equipment Suppliers (OES). After the car reaches for the service, the work starts only after the approval of the customer representative. Each and every step of the service is being tracked by real-time basis software. Thus a customer can keep on tracking the progress of the work. So this is a more interactive way to deal with the satisfaction of the customer.


“GoMechanic” is easy to avail the services

The service can be access with just 4 simple steps.

  • Select the brand of car that needs to be serviced
  • Select the type of service required for your car. Or the team can also help in getting the service required for the car.
  • Select the appropriate time and select the suitable pickup location of the car.
  • Rest is to sit back and relax. Check the progress of the car servicing on the dashboard of the customer’s profile.

Thus a customer can entrust the servicing of the by following these above simple steps.


Services offered for the customers

Different services are being offered by the GoMechanic. Here is a list of those services:

  • Routine maintenance or the scheduled service
  • Cleaning off the car with a different variety of options.
  • Extra care for the car’s wheel and tyre
  • Repair of Ac, car battery, engine oil and other customized requirements of the car.
  • On emergency situation, emergency service is being provided. On car breakdown or any roadside assistance, the car is being taken care by the GoMechanics.


Competing high with specialized services

There is always a huge demand for the car at every place. Day by day the demand is increasing at a high rate. So the service centres are also getting high in numbers. There are a lot of competitors for the GoMechanic. Some of the players include the GoBumpr, Meri Car, My Pitshop, cartisan etc. All these are also ruling the market with similar kind of services. But GoMechanic are having some of the unique offerings for creating a different private space. They believe in having 10 loyal customers instead of 100 fickle one. So, GoMechanic are showing up positive future with their best service.


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