Ripple Effect – The Motivational Story Of Two Women Entrepreneur


This has become a trend of today’s young generation to be an entrepreneur and create a successful startup. But this journey is not so easy and it is not possible for everyone to make their startup successful. Many people cannot start this just because of lack of fund. But if they have a proper and bright business plan, they will make it successful in any condition. For this, they have to be patient and focused on their goal. An entrepreneur has to be dedicated and long-term business plan. In today’s era also some people think that a woman cannot be able to do a business. Here we are going to carry the discussion on two women entrepreneurs who are a perfect example of successful entrepreneurs.


Rashi Mehta and Manizaay Kaikobad were two friends since college days. From that time they wanted to do something unique and special of their own. Both Rashi and Manizaay had worked for NGO and their parents also a social service worker. They found that there were various awesome and beautiful products made by NGOs and then they focused on NGOs product and tried to launch those products on a big platform. The NGOs products were not easily available in the market. So they made a plan to give an online platform of those NGO products so that the visibility and market value of those products will increase. Ripple effect is a Mumbai based e-commerce marketplace for those products which were made by underprivileged artisans, NGOs, and other start-ups. Manizaay and Rashi, these two women entrepreneurs create ripple by launching underprivileged and NGOs products online.


This is a unique business plan, Manizaay and Rashi team up for this. Rashi and Manizaay worked in a different sector. Rashi was working in branding and digital marketing area, whereas Manizaay was working in events. They were enjoying their works but they had a very deep desire to do something unique of their own. The idea of online selling products of NGOs had a good merit and value and they were ready to turn in idea into reality.


The total journey was not so easy. They faced difficulty in every step of their start-up. They could not reach the target group or audience because of some limitations and insufficient information. In fact, they noticed that there were other people who were struggling. But nobody could reach to the proper audience.


Manizaay and Rashi strategized that they would create an idea to build a one-stop-shop, i.e. anything available in that shop, to sell the products of NGOs, underprivileged.


Several difficulties around the start-up

In this competitive market and business process, they had faced several problems in this online selling of NGOs product project. The biggest challenge for them was to onboard the vendors and convinced them how their idea is different and unique from others. Another problem was that they both were not from a technical background and they developing a website were the biggest challenge for them. So they hired digital marketing web developing expert to make their idea technically perfect.


About Ripple Effect

To shape their business beautifully, Manizaay and Rashi attended e-commerce talks to understand the e-commerce in a better way and they consulted with the industry specialist also. With the flow of time the core three agencies website development team, delivery partners and payment gateway team made Ripple Effect an outstanding online marketplace website. Ripple Effect is an online and offline marketplace. Through the online model customers can buy their product, the payment process is conducted via payment gateway team, then the delivery partners peak the products from vendors and deliver those products to the customers. The offline model is based on a huge number of orders and exhibitions.


The products of their ripple effect model are vegan, organic, upcycled or recycled women’s empowerment, education, fair trade etc.  Mainly they sell the product in different categories such as lifestyle, men’s and women’s fashion, bath and body, accessories, food and baby care. Currently, the ripple team sells 50 brand’s product in their platform.


The future plans of Ripple Effect are to start their own products that are made by NGOs and underprivileged and to develop their mobile App to extend it into the international level.


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