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Founder – Neerav Jain

Website – CityFurnish

Founded by Neerav Jain back in 2015, CityFurnish is a new age start-up resolving the individual’s need to furnish their home, especially the millennial’s and Gen Z who are constantly on the change on their lifestyle. Here’s what the start-up story of City Furnish looks like!

Neerav Jain, the founder, hailing from a family that’s catering into furniture from in Jodhpur, interned at Pepperfry, Neerav wanted to explore around the renting industry in India. Being a youngster and having experienced that good quality furniture is an expensive investment gets discarded after a temporary use- that led him to the idea of CityFurnish.

The start-up started with just 50 subscriptions of rental furniture in Gurgaon. Having promised high quality and services with time, CityFurnish has now over 10,000 live subscriptions in 36 months. With the ongoing growth and trust among the consumer, the start-up has consistently expanded in other metro cities covering Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. The volume of demand and trust is one of the long lock-in period’s people accept from the company. Yes, the lock-in while it starts from 3-6 months, this timeline goes up to 24 months with active subscribers opting for it.

Future Plans

To keep expanding, CityFurnish has further plans to operate in more cities like Chennai, Hyderabad as well as Ahmedabad. Aiming the target of 20 million subscribers by 2021, it plans to grow an ARR of $20 million. That’s a considerable amount!

CityFurnish has a diversified product i.e. furniture for household and corporates, customer durables, appliances, fitness equipment, electrical goods, etc. Soon, the company plans to expand in the category of kids’ furnishings. All in all, one can say that CityFurnish plans to grow both geographically and in variety with more penetration of categories.

The company also plan to work on is the large corporate subscriptions. While Samsung, Indian Oil, Toyota are already the clients, they plan to penetrate further in the corporate rental categories and hospitality as well.

What makes City Furnish different from others?

Even today, 90% of the furniture market operates offline. This is majorly due to the trust issues customers have when it comes to buying quality furniture. And this is where Neerav brings his start-up into the picture with assuring premium quality goods. He believes that his vast experience in the furniture domain through his family business will help him in his furniture rental online platform.

The prices of the subscriptions will vary

Neerav believes that premium services are definitely expensive. Therefore, considering a good quality furniture for a 2BHK would cost a person about INR 4000-5000. However, they do have subscriptions within a budget of INR 2000-3000. He further added that every city is different, Mumbai is different from what Pune looks like, and therefore the prices are sure to vary. He clearly states every market comes with different price sensitivity.

Final Words

The founder of City Furnish, Neerav focuses to introduce a modern way of living in urban India that is to ease the standard of living of people with less expenditure! You could explore their website too. Never know it comes out to be a solution to your living problems too!

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