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Founder – Samyadeep De and Kaushik Saha

Knowing someone who has the vision to be an entrepreneur and knowing someone who has made it happen are two different things. And when you have an interesting story to read about someone who has made through it, what a good read it would be!

Here’s a story of the two inspiring entrepreneurs Samyadeep De and Kaushik Saha, the founder and the co-founder of the startup Tricycle.

The Start of the Startup

The founders used to work in Mumbai in a brand consulting company. They realized that their clients were all big players of the market. And therefore, their consulting services were out of the reach of small companies and family-owned businesses. While government then was promoting entrepreneurship heavily, the two realized that it was not just the operational aspects where entrepreneurs needed help but also in understanding how could they build a healthy and sustainable brand in the market. This thought prompted them to start with Tricycle that stands today as a strategic brand consultancy firm for new-age enterprises.

Tricycle offers assistance to entrepreneurs in creating distinctive projections for the companies. They help them design their brand identities, market positions, workspace designs, corporate views all in line with their business visions.

Started three years ago, Tricycle has built its repo in the market with consistent hard work of the team throughout. They use a service fee model to charge the clients who pay them for their intervention services. Interestingly, Tricycle charges subsidized fee for the startups who have the potential to rise in the market for Tricycle believes in developing lasting relationships with every customer they make!

What Tricycle aims at?

The startup focuses on helping the new age enterprises leverage and creates a distinct, compelling brand that gives them a competitive edge over others. Tricycle aims at creating distinctive brands for businesses. They assist their clients with everything right from the brand name, design, advertisement strategies, logo, campaigns to recreating of brands, if required. Re-branding comes into the picture when they feel that the business has the potential to diversify their services and that the re-branding would create opportunities for the same. To do this, they have a dedicated team who studies and equips the companies with knowledge of accurate projections and relevance of rebranding to compete in a dynamic market. Likewise, they help companies who look forward to brand-rejuvenation too!

Clients they have served

Tricycle has managed to serve its happy clients who belong from different industries like hospitality, industrial services, technology and many more. The list also includes FMCG, entertainment industry, social companies and others.

Samyadeep, the founder mentions that an ideal client to Tricycle is someone who understands the importance of the strategic brand building. To them, they look forward to clients who understand how important it is for a startup to create a brand out of their unique ideas and trust Tricycle in the journey of branding assistance.

Final Words

Tricycle is a hub of knowledge for entrepreneurs with a vision to start. They work on the three spokes as mentioned on their website, that is Strategy + Design + Execution. Tricycle teaches us so much about branding; how the right branding can take your idea to a perfect business. They help us understand how a brand must be simple but strategic and relevant to a business service. Moreover, how a brand is essential for the communication of a business to the market. As Tricycle mentions; “Make people want good things, and people will love you for it!”

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