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How does App Good Food deliver revolution home-cooked meals to your doorstep?


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Kavitha, a 39-year-old married working woman living in Chennai. As usual, getting up at 5:30 am doing a little bit of household works, then wakes up her kids around 6:10 am to get them ready by 7:15, so that they can reach school by 8. In between making sure that her husband also gets up around 7:00, so that he can also help her in getting her kids ready for the school and get himself ready for the office as well. Meanwhile, she is preparing breakfast, lunch for all the family members and packs them accordingly. While doing all this, she has to get herself also ready by 8:45 am, so that she can reach the office by 10. This is not the only struggle that she has to go through every morning. All the household chores, office work, and that also with limited salary are the burden she has to deal with every second of her life.


March 23rd, 2020,

India goes under Lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And the lockdown keeps extending and extending, everything was shut down, it has become difficult for businesses to survive, so they started to shun their employees and Kavitha was also one of them.

Now the real struggle starts,

She has to take care of her family and make sure that the study of her kids also should not get affected. Without a regular income, it has become difficult and her saving is getting depleted every day.

ONE year has been passed, situations are getting worst.

Then one day on Instagram, she saw a food delivery app “App GOOD FOOD”, She contacted the customer support service and they helped to join the platform and helped to get the license to start the business.

Things were changed, HOW?

  • Working from home, much better option as compared to the pre COVID era, as earlier her travel time to the office was of one hour(single side), so now she have plenty of time to spent with her family accordingly.
  • Flexible timings, She can work according to her convenience as per the APP’s working environment, whereas in office she has to sit and work from 10 to 6.
  • Financially benefitted, as now she is earning more and her expenditure has been reduced, like travelling to office costs lot, etc.
  • Confidence booster, her confidence has started boosting as her new source of income has started and also her saving rate has been gone up as compared to pre COVID era.
  • Kavitha has been becoming popular day by day and soon she becomes neighbourhood superstar.


Whereas, things were also changing in “App GOOD FOOD”. Customer base is rising very fast for the “App GOOD FOOD”:

  • Started at May 2021, App GOOD FOOD acquired 50,000+ downloads in Playstore.
  • Customers were getting high quality food.
  • Subscriptions are also available.
  • Homemade food at convenient prices.
  • This was a boon for bachelors because this community has been suffering a lot from non-availability of good daily consumable food.
  • It prevents obese, as food doesn’t contain much oil and other added preservatives, which makes it highly delicious and nutritious as it is completely homemade food.
  • Each month 10000 new customers are joining, i.e. more than 2000 new customers are joining every week, that’s a huge achievement for any business and difficult to achieve for most of the businesses.
  • More than 300 chefs are the part of this App, making it strong from the core.
  • And because of its food quality, service quality, it is highly successful in Chennai, just launched in Bangalore, and will roll out to Hyderabad and all over India soon.

The online food delivery business model is a 40,000 crore business in India alone. It’s a business model that is growing rapidly, with demand for more variety and more choices in menu options to meet specific dietary preferences in India. The app has turned to be a boon not only for the Kavitha but for many other women across the world during COVID.

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