Big Boy Toyz – JOURNEY FROM RS.70,000 TO RS.300 CRORE


Having a luxury car was a dream for most people in childhood and even owning a luxury car nowadays is way too difficult in India, but Big Boy Toyz(BBT) made a dream come true to own a luxury car. The journey of Big Boy Toyz began when Jatin Ahuja, at the age of 23 founded the company in the year 2009 with the aim of transforming and well-design pre-owned luxury cars and making the pre-owned car market successful in a country like India.

Initially, BBT was a one-showroom company having a set-up in Gurugram, as well as having it headquarter there itself. But now it has opened its showrooms in Hyderabad as well as in Mumbai. With just an investment of Rs70,000, Ahuja began this company, the rapid growth of the company made a turnover of Rs.6 crore in its first year. Till date, the brand had rapid growth all over this industry and made a place in the list of top businesses in India. In the year 2017, BBT became the first-ever company to offer an opportunity for its customers to buy luxury cars online. By the year 2019, BBT started dealing with premium motorcycles like sportbikes, cruisers and several other exotic two-wheelers. At the point when there was no sale of vehicles especially of passenger cars during the lockdown in April 2020, that was the time when BBT sold 12 luxury cars worth around Rs.13 crores. The vision of Big Boy Toyz is to sell and buy modern cars keeping in mind the quality and luxury for the 21st century.

BBT Showroom

Jatin Ahuja began this business with the aim of dealing with premium car dealers in 2009, BBT has sold around 6000 cars to people belonging from different cities in India. The company focuses on dealers that are celebrities or belong from the upper-middle class, who have a desire to get luxury cars in their collection of four-wheelers, however, the prices of the car are somehow around Rs.50 lakh to Rs.4 crore. These customers are at liberty from the shame of buying pre-owned cars and usually belongs to the age group of 35 to 50 years. As per its price range, it has begun working on designing luxury cars that would be available to not only the upper-class but also different sections of society as well. The well-designed and best quality of luxury four-wheelers that they sell to the customers makes them unique and this is how they make money. The company believes in making customers happy and it is even their USP. No doubt, price plays a vital role in gaining customers attention but regardless of it, another thing that plays a vital role in how some of the biggest celebrities buy pre-owned cars in the country. Celebrities from Bollywood as well as from the sports industry are some of the significant customers of BBT. As celebrities, lose interest in luxury cars really quick when another catches their eyes.

Each and every luxury car of the BBT brand undergoes a 151-point checklist before it is put up in the showrooms. As of now, the company is the biggest and first-ever dealer of pre-owned cars and also gained recognition by CMO Asia, Singapore and even considered as Asia’s biggest car dealer. In the financial year 2020, Big Boy Toyz made a revenue between Rs100 to Rs500 crore. In the time of covid, when almost all businesses went down but surprisingly BBT brand was able to sell over 140 luxury cars in the first half of FY2020 and witnessed a 48% increase in demand in luxury cars post first covid lockdown. This was the best part for the company, as even after the Covid lockdown, there was a rise in demand for luxury cars. BBT makes sure that all the cars are not travelled more than 20,000kms and even ensures that none of the car’s meter is destroyed or face any kind of problem or difficulty to the customers.

The company, Big Boy Toyz started with just an investment of Rs70,000 and today became a Rs 300 crore brand.

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