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Founders –  Joel Mathew and Aditya Janu

Website – Hacker Post

Cyber Security and Crypto, quite possibly, are two of the most looked at sectors when it comes to the Information Technology world. One predicted to be $170 billion industry by 2020 while the other reached the all-time-high of above $800 billion back in 2017.

Meaning: Although the crypto market is low right now, chances are the combined value of both markets, or crypto alone, can surpass a $1 trillion mark in the future, and you might not want to be shocked when it happens.

And to avoid that “Shock” situation, this article will help. Today, we are going to discuss a startup-cum-’news blog’ namely Hackerpost.

Hacker Post:

Hacker Post, started out as a blog, is an initiative started to share crypto and cybersecurity news. Aimed providing authentic news, Hacker Post is a genuine, credible source for daily updates in the Information & Technology world.

Not only do they share the latest and genuine updates, they also share credible tips to safeguard you from data and privacy harms.  

With purely research and fact based articles/news(unlike many Indian news channels), Hacker Post has made a name for itself in the online communities within a year. But how did it become such a success? Well, let’s have a look at the backstory.

The backstory:

Aditya Janu, who will be completing his Bachelor of Engineering degree(Computer Science)  this year, is the Founder of Hacker Post. He is a Cybersecurity enthusiast and Ethical Hacking expert from Bengaluru, Karnataka. Right from the start of his Computer Science journey, he has been keen to know about various technologies and hence has had several years of experience despite being so young.

His Collaborative effort with Joel Mathew has led Hacker Post to the success it is.

Joel is the Managing Partner and Chief Editor of Hacker Post. Currently, he is doing his MA which he’s supposed to complete next year. Moreover, he is a cyber-journalist with fascination for the revolutionary blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, with other teammates (mostly blockchain and ethical hacking enthusiasts/experts), Hacker Post intend to “liberate netizens with appropriate researchers in the field of Fin-Tech (Financial Technology), Ethical hacking (Cyber-Security) and blockchain (as well cryptocurrency).”

The Present:

Currently, Hacker Post, as an information source, provides knowledge in several categories like AI, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptopedia, Crypto News, Cyber Crime, Cyber Hacks, Cyber Security, ICO, Ethical Hacking Guides, etc.

Also, within a year, Hacker Post has managed several well-known media partners like Coinspectator, Coinlib, CryptoControl, etc.

All in all, it has been an incredible year for Hacker Post and for the people who read the latest news & articles there. We hope nothing less than several other incredible years in the fuuture.

That’s it for today’s startup-cum-’news site’. Looking forward to share such not-so-startupy stories. Thanks for reading. It’s time to bid you adieu.

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