How Hyderabad based startupOnlineITguru has become best e-learning provider in the world


Founder – B. Lakshmi Reddy

Website – Onlineitguru

Onlineitguru founded in the year 2009 by B. Lakshmi Reddy at Hyderabad. Lakshmi Reddy is from Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh and completed his MCA in the year 2006. Before starting Onlineitguru he worked as a Dot Net developer, he left the company and started Onlineitguru an e-learning platform for everyone with 15 courses in the year 2010.

At present, they are offering 100+ courses with a minimum of 3 instructors per course across the globe. Onlineitguru provides corporate training too. It conducts both corporate, online and offline sessions according, to the company requirements with real-time examples and tasks. The company started with a capital of 10 lakhs and now it has a current turnover is more than 1.5 Crore. Over these years, Onlineitguru has used different mediums for online training like Skype, Team Viewer, Webex, GoToMeeting,, and

Courses Offered by OnlineITguru

All the courses offered by OnlineITguru, are available in online training, corporate training, and self-paced training.

Generally Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud-Computing, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Microsoft, Mobile App Development, Oracle and Java, Software Testing Tools, Website Development. Project Management, IT Service and Architecture, Quality Management, Virtualization, IT Security Management, Web App and Programming, OS and Databases, etc.


Today Onlineitguru has more than 100 technologies with a minimum of 300 instructors. Presently Onlineitguru has more than 500000 learners with 200000+ certified professionals.

Onlineitguru provides placement to the people, after the course completion and has more than 100000 people has been successfully placed in MNC companies.

Our Team:

Onlineitguru has an excellent team who conducts the sessions according to the learner convenient timings across the globe. The team provides excellent 24×7 support during and after the sessions regarding class lectures, software, materials, and re-sessions.

Our Vision:

The basic motto of Onlineitguru is to impart knowledge strongly with real-time scenarios by ITGURU’s practically.

Onlineitguru is an e-learning platform for professionals and students to learn various technologies. It provides online training through batch (or) one to one (or) corporate level interactive sessions, with practical scenarios by Real time Industry experts. To enhance their skills in the IT World. Onlineitguru has made special efforts to train students on Weekends. The main motto of the is to provide training successfully at the learner convenient time across the globe.

Today Onlineitguru provides more than 100 courses across the globe along with placement assistance. Nowadays, Certifications were important for Freshers and Professionals, at present every IT company is asking certification. Even they have experience in that technology. Onlineitguru plays a major role in certifications and has become a well-known place for certifications.


When OnlineITguru started, it is a tough time for marketing and Brand Promotion. Getting leads is a tough task at that time and with classified paper ads, offline leads, references. After a few months to overcome this issue, Laxmi Reddy has recruited the Digital marketing team for designing their Brand across the globe like Online and Offline. To illustrate this with work with Internal and external branding. To make OnlineITguru the leading Brand in E-learning Industry.

They have been using huge online and content marketing by Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Emails. In offline, they promote by billboard and online and offline radio campaigns in Hyderabad. Many students and professionals pronounce it has “ITGURU”.  On the other hand, they are utilizing each opportunity for creating global value to it.

Market Segment

When we start Business with Education, it is the hottest sector of all time. When online Education started, it is seemed more even hotter.Accepting the change, this sector is going to the bond. Every Indian IT company is going to shift with mixed transformation, in the direction business is worked out. It is mainly due to many clients demand a different type of technology training when we compare past training.

The band between the demand for skilled employees and availability remains as a big pain for companies. The reason behind the demand and supply gap stay as a big transformation in technology.

IT companies have started updating with technologies like mobility, automation, cloud, analytics, and social. However, the requirement for basic and special technical skills. Has become continuous need of the hour.

In the meanwhile, online training has removed the physical presence of a lecturer, at a certain time or a day. Online is becoming just like a special mode to skip the offline learning. Due to the quality of online training and cost-effectiveness.

Company Growth

Onlinitguru has started a concept of Interview Questions, Technical blogs, and Tips with Professional certification training. In the first 6 months, they  received more than 6000 Viewership in 150 countries.

By this Laxmi Reddy has noticed the importance of industry and Potential. He came to the conclusion that every working professionals have to update their skills after every 6 months, so they need a platform for learning online. After July 2010, Laxmi reddy updated onlineITguru with a technical model Initiative to Corporate Information training. In particular It is a type of training for IT Employees by their company.

From that time he didn’t turn back!

In a matter of 3 years, the company trained and certified 30,000 Professionals across 60 countries, and achieved a Growth of 500%. By the year 2013, the company is a well known US based online training organization. After that, it added courses like Big Data, Hadoop and data science. The main market in India, US, UK, and Australia. The students increased to 1, 00,000 across 150 countries. Forgetting the profitable numbers within the first year, the company cracked many milestones, in a span of 5 years.

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