ZIPZAPDEALS- A revolution for college students?



Founder – Siddharth Sharma

Website – ZipZapDeals


College life is one of the most amazing experience one can have in their lifetime, Period. Many of you have left the college with amazing experiences. And many of you are yet to have those marvelous experiences. The only difference I see between the ones who have passed out of college and the ones who are in college or about to enter the college is the lifestyle(along with technology).

Let’s put ‘technology’ part aside for this article, and discuss “How the lifestyle is changed.”

Before September 2016, the college students had problems while venturing out to new places or hanging out at nearby places. Most of the time the concerns were either inconvenience or money. However, the students today don’t need to have any of those concerns. The reason you ask?

The shortest possible answer to this immediate change in the ‘lifestyle’ of college students which enables them to enjoy on-campus life at fullest is “ZipZapDeals”.

What is ZipZapDeals?

From the name itself, you might have figured out thatit has something concerning with Deals. But, What exactly it is?

Incubated out of Amity, ZipZapDeals is a hyper local online platform. ZipZapDeals enables the customers(mostly college student) and local merchants to discover each other.

For cash-strapped students and vendors with fewer customers, ZipZapDeals is a boon. Whether it’s good food to enjoy with roommates, getting fit by joining nearby Gyms or watching a movie with friends, ZipZapDeals helps with all. ZipZapDeals provides exclusive deals and coupons for cash-strapped students, which as a result improves their lifestyle. And on the other hand, due to the ‘scale-up’ factor of vendors, they also profit from students.

In short, ZipZapDeals is a platform which mutually profits both vendors as well as college students.


How did it start?

The idea of offering student exclusive deal came into being by the founder of ZipZapDeals, Mr. Siddharth Sharma.

Siddharth Sharma, at the age of 24 was fascinated by the start-up culture. Being a college student at the time, he realized the concerns and pain of the college students which struck him as an opportunity. While the ‘concern’ was too obvious to everyone, Siddharth decided to start a mutually-profitable business which was later named as “ZipZapDeals”.

With pre-seed fund by Amity Incubator, ZipZapDeals started in September of 2016 and is on an inevitable ride.


The future of ZipZapDeals?

As of now, ZipZapDeals is located in 4+ cities which includes New Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad. Additionally, as of now, it has 5 categories which are Food & Drinks, Entertainment, Amazing Hangouts, Health and Fitness, Spa and Salon. In short, it is a mini lifestyle gate in itself. Also, ZipZapDeals is affiliated with more than 1000 local vendors.

Talking about the future of the brand, ZipZapDeals is focused on increasing its customer base as well as increasing the number of vendors for a better customer experience. Moreover, the company wishes to expand in as many cities as possible and eventually build a network all over India.



Let’s wrap up with the ZipZapDeals’ promise statement: “Your experience should be perfect always. If not, we are here for you and we will strive to give you the perfect experience.”

I would also like to add that, People like Siddharth Sharma are undoubtedly solving day to day problems. And so can you too. Thank you. Goodbye.

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