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Founder – Anand Prakash

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The digital era, around which the entire world evolves, has introduced a concept called cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has been a solution for the digital threats that have come up immensely in recent times. Ransomware, as we all know, is currently the biggest of them. It is the primary threat to cybersecurity globally today.

With the aim to get this problem and bring out a solution on a massive scale, Anand Prakash started AppSecure. Being a security engineer earlier in Flipkart, however, felt that cybersecurity was a bigger concern than ever thought off by the start-ups. And therefore, Anand Prakash started identifying the loopholes in the cybersecurity of the companies. Here’s what the start-up story of AppSecure looks like –

The start

Anand Prakash, from Bhadra, Rajasthan, had a passive love for technology. He started experimenting with how he could use the internet for free and later ended up being an ethical hacker into cybersecurity. Anand began his own company, after working at Flipkart, in May 2016. Knowing that how positively the companies would take if he could identify loopholes in the cybersecurity of business, he started working in it. Focusing on the same, he created a medium letting the hackers reach the companies explaining the loopholes present in their cybersecurity.

His journey to making customers

For the initial 2-3 years, it was tough for the company to convince people about how threatful it was if they did not focus on their loopholes. They found it challenging to convince customers about the benefits of opting for their services. In fact, even the insurance companies and the banks were not bothered.

It took time, but as these companies felt the threats increasing, they could understand the importance or relevance of AppSecurefor their businesses. Very soon, Anand Prakash got in his friend Rohit Raj, making him the co-founder of the company.

AppSecure – The platform

AppSecure is a platform where the companies can get themselves some digital security and get rid of present bugs in their cyber section. The client companies can opt for AppSecure’s yearly subscriptions and enjoy hassle-free cyber security for their company.

The plan primarily works for companies that do not wish to invest in full-time internet security engineers and would prefer outsourcing the same to professional agencies. The AppSecure platform works through the ethical hackers, who look for the bugs and get them sorted then and there. There are two major products AppSecure deals in – One being the HackerHive and secondly, the Com. HackerHive is for crowdsourced vulnerability-coordination. It is what connects the businesses to a network where in-depth research is performed to identify and resolve the bugs.

Major clients of AppSecure are Flipkart, OYO, FreshMenu, Jugnoo, etc.

Final Words

AppSecure stands as a pro to its client companies today as they feel secured enough for their digital data. The client companies can opt for their monthly or yearly subscription plans that help them stay assured of bug identification for the period. The company charges a fee for every valid bug detected and resolved. AppSecure has, therefore, become a need for the companies rather than just a fancy cybersecurity company.

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    Very good Startup , cyber security is best working platform in Future. and great idea also keep it up anand prakash .

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